How To Spell mid?

Correct spelling: mid

What is the definition of mid?

  1. used in combination to denote the middle; "midmorning"; "midsummer"; "in mid-1958"; "a mid-June wedding"

What does the abbreviation mid mean?

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What are the usage examples for mid?

  1. He did not, however, go to his bank, but straight to the Clarion office, where he had a mid day appointment with Louis Craven. – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  2. Fruit early in mid season. – Manual of American Grape-Growing by U. P. Hedrick
  3. The meeting previous to this act of violence had been held in the mid summer of 1653. The ministers and elders had come from all parts of Scotland, to sit in counsel, or rather in debate, concerning the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. – Sketches of the Covenanters by J. C. McFeeters
  4. About mid day the- Hussars, commanded by Major Atherton, in advance of the main body, encountered and dislodged from a defile on the right bank of the river a considerable body of the enemy, who fled to the plain. – A Dog with a Bad Name by Talbot Baines Reed
  5. It was about four o'clock on a day in mid June. – Elder Conklin and Other Stories by Frank Harris
  6. " You see, madam," she says, very gently, " it would be quite possible to come down by the mid day train to Langham, to drive across to Pullingham, and get back again to London by the evening train." – Faith and Unfaith by Duchess
  7. As the full- back returned it to mid field the whistle blew for no- side. – The Loom of Youth by Alec Waugh
  8. If I am right, he drawled, it would be close to mid day now in England- the King's dinner- hour. – Cardigan by Robert W. Chambers
  9. Corona was at her mid day breakfast with Sister Gabrielle, when the old Prince's card was brought. – Saracinesca by F. Marion Crawford
  10. " I suppose it will be some time about mid winter," I said. – The Fixed Period by Anthony Trollope

What are the rhymes for mid?

  1. stidd, kidde, hid, slid, kyd, syd, bid, sid, kidd, smid, id, squid, cid, rid, skid, cyd, did, grid, kid, quid, lid;
  2. forbid, majid, redid, amid, madrid, undid, adid;
  3. counterbid;

What are the translations for mid?

Arabic word for Mid


Dutch word for Mid


French words for Mid

moyen, mi-.

German word for Mid

in der Mitte.

Greek word for Mid


Hindi word for Mid


Malay word for Mid


Marathi word for Mid


Norwegian word for Mid


Polish word for Mid


Portuguese words for Mid

médio, meio.

Romanian word for Mid


Spanish words for Mid

medio, intermedio, mediano, a mediados de.

Swedish word for Mid


Turkish word for Mid


Ukrainian word for Mid