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Correct spelling: mind

Common misspellings for mind:

amind, miny.


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Examples of usage for mind:

  1. Mind in a general sense, includes all the powers of sentient being apart from the physical factors in bodily faculties and activities; in a limited sense, mind is nearly synonymous with intellect, but includes disposition, or the tendency toward action, as appears in the phrase " to have a mind to work." As the seat of mental activity, brain ( colloquially brains) is often used as a synonym for mind intellect, intelligence. Thought, the act, process, or power of thinking, is often used to denote the thinking faculty, and especially the reason. The instinct of animals is now held by many philosophers to be of the same nature as the intellect of man, but inferior and limited; yet the apparent difference is very great. –  by
  2. There was no question now in his mind –  by
  3. " Never mind then," she replied. –  by