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How To Spell mind?

Correct spelling: mind

Definition of mind:

  1. pay close attention to; give heed to; "Heed the advice of the old men"

List of misspellings for mind:

  • cind,
  • miind,
  • mandie,
  • mando,
  • piund,
  • mondday,
  • vinod,
  • mand,
  • singd,
  • ahnd,
  • mappind,
  • 5min,
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  • manid,
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  • 10mins.

What does the abbreviation mind mean?

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Translations for mind:

Afrikaans words for Mind

US, gedagte.

Arabic word for Mind


Bengali word for Mind


Chinese words for Mind

心, 精神, 心灵, 脑, 心目, 心思, 心里, 心眼儿, 怀, 心头, 脑筋, 脑子, 魂灵, 神魂, 方寸, 脑际.

Dutch words for Mind

geest, erg vinden, oppassen, opletten, gedachten.

French words for Mind

surveiller, raison, opinion, observer, intelligence, intellect.

German words for Mind

beachten, bedenken, Sinn, Absicht, Wille, achten, Avis, Neigung, Fantasie, Phantasie, Ansicht, Geist, Verstand, Kopf, Meinung, Psyche, sich um kümmern, hüten, aufpassen, Gedanke, Denkweise, Gedanken, sich hüten, beaufsichtigen, mental, Esprit, Notar.

Greek word for Mind


Japanese words for Mind

心, 心する, 頭, 精神, マインド, 想い, 心神, かしら, むね, ねんとう, しんちゅう, のう, しんちょ, 心頭, 心性, せいしん, かまう, しんき, しんせい, つむり, むなさんずん, こうべ, いにかいする, つぶり, 心緒, かぶ, かぶり, しん, あたま, 心中, 構う.

Javanese word for Mind


Malay word for Mind


Polish words for Mind

mózg, rozum, umysł.

Portuguese words for Mind

memória, espírito, entendimento, prestar atenção a, mentais, inteligência, vigiar, juízo, tomar conta, importar-se, fazer o obséquio, olhar por, ocupar-se de.

Romanian word for Mind


Russian words for Mind

прислушаться к, быть против, прислушиваться к, заботиться, присмотреть за, присматривать за, возражать против, возразить против.

Spanish words for Mind

considerar, conciencia, observar, recordar, molestar, juicio, obedecer, importar, cuidar, cabeza, parecer, mente, espíritu, cerebro, mentalidad, hacer caso de, tener cuidado con, tener cuidado, fijarse, pensamiento, alma, intelecto.

Vietnamese word for Mind

tâm trí.