How To Spell minor?

Correct spelling: minor


Minor as a boy's name is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Minor is "younger". Photographer Minor White.
  • miner,
  • Meinor,
  • Menor,
  • Mynor.

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What are the rhymes for minor?

  1. reiner, wiener, miner, signer, einar, whiner, viner, weiner, finer, twiner, diner, kleiner, liner, niner, heiner, shiner;
  2. decliner, recliner, designer, berliner, refiner;

What are the translations for minor?

Arabic word for Minor


Bengali word for Minor


Chinese word for Minor


Dutch words for Minor

beperkt, minderjarig, onbeduidend, onbelangrijk, secundair, ondergeschikt.

French words for Minor

petit, moindre, minimes, insignifiant, mineur, matière secondaire, mineure, minime, levé, marginal, mineures.

German words for Minor

leicht, gering, klein, unerheblich, unbedeutend, Minderjährige, Nebenfach, untergeordnet, unwesentlich, unwichtig, licht, minderjährig, minderschwer, unmündig, weniger bedeutend, Moll, Minor, Minderjähriger, Menü.

Hindi word for Minor


Italian words for Minor

minore, minorenne.

Japanese words for Minor

マイナー, 未成年者, 未成年, みせいねんしゃ, ひしゅよう, みせいねん, 未青年, 非主要, 小さい方の.

Javanese word for Minor


Malay word for Minor


Polish words for Minor

niewielki, mniejszy, pomniejszy, nieletni, nieznaczny, znikomy, małoletni, osoba nieletnia.

Portuguese words for Minor

restrito, ligeiro, reduzida, pontuais, pequena, desimportante, pouca, minoritário, minoritárias, irrelevantes, pouco significativo, marginais, somenos, desprezável, menor de idade.

Russian words for Minor

малолетний, меньший, минорный, менее важный, малозначительный.

Spanish words for Minor

escaso, pequeño, limitado, inferior, leves, diminuto, insignificante, menor, secundario, asignatura secundaria, insignificantes, poco grave, materia secundaria, irrelevante, pequeños.

Swedish word for Minor


Vietnamese word for Minor

thứ yếu.