How To Spell misapply?

Correct spelling: misapply

What is the definition of misapply?

  1. To apply wrongly; to use for a wrong purpose; as, to misapply a name or title; to misapply public money.

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What are the rhymes for misapply?

  1. psi, my, sigh, frye, fly, wry, dry, thigh, shy, guy, aye, chi, pry, kai, bi, mai, buy, bly, high, ly, sty, lie, kwai, ay, keye, cry, ai, by, wai, rye, chae, pae, ngai, vy, spry, fae, hy, thy, phi, nie, pri, ty, lye, cy, tai, fi, nye, try, sly, chai, vi, pie, dai, pi, tye, spy, wy, tsai, shai, jai, tie, bligh, fye, phy, sci, lxi, fry, thai, die, yie, pty, wye, bae, lai, pye, dye, gyi, sky, nigh, eye, bye, why, kyi, gae, tae, vie, sai, sy, cai, flye, ply, sri, hi, brye, mei;
  2. defy, comply, kanai, alai, imply, hereby, good-bye, awry, bye-bye, mcfly, dubai, goodbye, brunei, mihai, hi-fi, rely, untie, reply, retry, descry, bonsai, uy, july, imai, shanghai, standby, ally, nearby, decry, belie, deny, versailles, supply, iwai, apply, thereby, whereby;
  3. overfly, dui, underlie, resupply;
  4. oversupply, isty, cspi;
  5. dwi;

What are the translations for misapply?

Afrikaans word for Misapply

verkeerd gebruik.

Arabic word for Misapply

أساء التطبيق.

Bengali word for Misapply

ভুলভাবে প্রয়োগ করা.

French word for Misapply

mal appliquer.

Hindi word for Misapply

अनुचित कार्य में लगाना.

Italian word for Misapply

applicare male.

Japanese word for Misapply


Javanese word for Misapply


Korean word for Misapply


Portuguese word for Misapply

aplicar mal.

Romanian word for Misapply

aplica greșit.

Spanish word for Misapply

aplicar mal.

Swedish word for Misapply

felaktigt sätt har tillämpat.

Tamil word for Misapply

தவறான முறையில் செயல்படுத்து.

Turkish word for Misapply

yerinde kullanmamak.

Ukrainian word for Misapply


Vietnamese word for Misapply

dùng bậy.