How To Spell mislead?

Correct spelling: mislead

What is the definition of mislead?

  1. To lead wrong: to guide into error: to cause to mistake.

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What are the rhymes for mislead?

  1. plead, reid, need, bead, breed, keyed, knead, reseed, she'd, screed, weed, lipide, bede, succeed, swede, precede, teed, saeed, wied, tweed, heed, impede, stampede, seed, reed, fried, skied, lead, waleed, hamid, bleed, secede, he'd, brede, supersede, dede, sneed, kneed, friede, deed, leed, greed, feed, reread, proceed, steed, ede, meade, nead, mead, shaheed, misdeed, recede, we'd, misread, read, rashid, speed, indeed, snead, fede, cede, walid, freed, rasheed, creed;
  2. elide, gilead, degreed, accede, agreed, decreed, exceed, concede;
  3. guaranteed, intercede, aristide, disagreed, overfeed;

What are the translations for mislead?

Afrikaans word for Mislead


Chinese words for Mislead

虚假, 引入迷途, 混矇, 诓.

French words for Mislead

tromper, abuser, induire en erreur, duper, confondre, fourvoyer, mettre sur une fausse piste.

German words for Mislead

verwirren, beirren, in die Irre führen, irreleiten.

Greek word for Mislead


Italian word for Mislead


Japanese word for Mislead


Javanese word for Mislead


Korean word for Mislead


Malay word for Mislead


Norwegian word for Mislead


Polish word for Mislead

wprowadzać w błąd.

Portuguese words for Mislead

iludir, ludibriar, induzir em erro, dar a impressão errada a, desencaminhar, dar falsa impressão a, engambelar, engabelar, induzir ao erro.

Russian words for Mislead

вводить в заблуждение, обманывать, толкать на дурной путь, сбивать с пути, вводить в заблуждение.

Spanish words for Mislead

lograr, engañar, inducir a error, confundir, despistar, desencaminar, inducir a engaño, desorientar.

Swedish word for Mislead


Ukrainian word for Mislead

вводити в оману.

Vietnamese word for Mislead

đánh lừa.