How To Spell misread?

Correct spelling: misread

What is the definition of misread?

  1. interpret wrongly; "I misread Hamlet all my life!"

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This graph shows how "misread" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for misread?

  1. Mr. Wright, looking up, read danger and misread it as threatening him. – Hetty Wesley by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

What are the quotes for misread?

  1. We're not gonna misread our mandate.

What are the rhymes for misread?

  1. meade, friede, knead, nead, walid, fried, read, shaheed, lipide, leed, reseed, heed, snead, stampede, secede, seed, need, brede, screed, bede, recede, keyed, she'd, impede, misdeed, reed, indeed, dede, hamid, freed, speed, feed, proceed, reid, reread, greed, bleed, wied, waleed, swede, mislead, creed, mead, breed, he'd, bead, cede, precede, rasheed, supersede, kneed, skied, deed, saeed, weed, ede, fede, plead, tweed, steed, lead, sneed, teed, succeed, we'd, rashid;
  2. concede, elide, gilead, exceed, degreed, agreed, accede, decreed;
  3. intercede, disagreed, aristide, overfeed, guaranteed;

What are the translations for misread?

Afrikaans word for Misread

verkeerd lees.

Arabic word for Misread

أسئ قراءة.

Chinese word for Misread


German word for Misread

falsch lesen.

Hindi word for Misread

पढ़ने में भूलना.

Italian word for Misread

leggere erroneamente.

Japanese word for Misread


Korean word for Misread


Malay word for Misread

salah membaca.

Polish word for Misread

błędnie odczytany.

Portuguese word for Misread

mal interpretado.

Russian word for Misread

неправильно истолковывать.

Spanish word for Misread


Swedish word for Misread


Tamil word for Misread

தவறாகப் படி.

Turkish word for Misread

yanlış okumak.

Ukrainian word for Misread

неправильно витлумачувати.

Vietnamese word for Misread

đọc trật.