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How To Spell miss?

Correct spelling: miss

What are the misspellings for miss ?

  • messaih,
  • mewss,
  • missie,
  • mosse,
  • missd,
  • mysef,
  • messga,
  • misst,
  • mis,
  • messig,
  • mosscow,
  • xmass,
  • milissa,
  • miss,
  • demiss,
  • maiis,
  • mias,
  • mniss,
  • myso,
  • mics,
  • liss,
  • missi,
  • missin,
  • 45mins,
  • misiry,
  • moyise,
  • mids,
  • nissa,
  • meliss,
  • 5mins,
  • missil,
  • meiers,
  • msis,
  • masif,
  • mircy,
  • miuse,
  • 7mins,
  • missori,
  • lmiss,
  • messg,
  • milse,
  • mess,
  • mmiss,
  • mei's,
  • misoun,
  • missoree,
  • massur,
  • mossir,
  • mic's,
  • fiss,
  • masss,
  • mesur,
  • misa,
  • sms's,
  • musuh2,
  • miscif,
  • issa,
  • missiion,
  • i'mso,
  • 10mins,
  • missio,
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  • messag,
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  • misol,
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  • issu,
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  • massae,
  • 15mins,
  • mises,
  • musie,
  • messge,
  • 1099misc,
  • missoui,
  • mussum,
  • missle,
  • misuc,
  • messs,
  • miuts,
  • mirsey,
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  • miust,
  • missipppi,
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  • mishas,
  • messt.

What is the definition of miss?

  1. be without; "This soup lacks salt"; "There is something missing in my jewellery box!"

What does the abbreviation miss mean?


Miss as a girl's name.

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This graph shows how "miss" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for miss?

  1. Be wary of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors... and miss.
  2. Every professional athlete owes a debt of gratitude to the fans and management, and pays an installment every time he plays. He should never miss a payment.
  3. I miss performing before a live audience- the energy and excitement- there's nothing to compare with it.
  4. Can you make a mistake and miss your fate?
  5. I don't think I miss anything by not watching television.

What are the rhymes for miss?

  1. this, rys, cysts, fiss, gillis, kis, hiss, biss, vis, suisse, fis, wis, kriss, bliss, persists, bis, chriss, pris, kiss, swiss, lis, stys, chris, lists, sis, dis, insists, wiss, resists, remiss, flis, kris, liss, riss, risse, diss, gris, cris;
  2. dismiss, assists, consists, abyss, amiss, enlists, exists;
  3. reminisce;

What are the translations for miss?

Arabic word for Miss


Chinese words for Miss

小姐, 想念, 缺失, 遗漏, 脱靶, 失察, 惦, 魂牵梦萦, 牵记, 未击中.

Dutch words for Miss

ontbreken, over het hoofd zien, misgooien, ernaast gooien.

French words for Miss

sauter, rater, manquer, passer à côté de, se languir de, rater son coup, coup raté.

German words for Miss

Fehlen, Misserfolg, Fehlschlag, entbehren, vorbeigehen, auslassen, verpassen, vermissen, verfehlen, Fehlschuss, fehlschlagen, danebengehen, missen, überhören, nicht treffen, danebentreffen, verbummeln, danebenschlagen, fehlgehen, Fehlwurf, Pudel.

Hindi word for Miss


Italian words for Miss

perdere, trascurare, mancare.

Japanese words for Miss

見逃す, 逃す, 聞き逃す, 無くなす, こいしがる, こいしたう, 見過す, 見逃がす, 見のがす, 聞きもらす, みすごす, ききのがす, したう, 恋慕う, 恋しがる, みのがす, 見失う, なくなす, 抜かり, ぬかり, のがす, 取損なう, 撃ち損なう, 打ち損なう, ききもらす, しっする, みうしなう, 見過ごす, うちそこなう, 聞き漏らす, 取り損なう, とりそこなう, 恋い慕う.

Korean word for Miss

(겨냥한 것을) 놓치다.

Malay word for Miss


Marathi word for Miss


Norwegian word for Miss


Polish words for Miss

panna, miś, chybienie, chybić.

Portuguese words for Miss

falha, errar, não entender, sentir a falta de, senhorita, erro, moça, malograr, desperceber, sentir saudade de.

Romanian word for Miss

a rata.

Russian words for Miss

упустить, пропустить, промахнуться, скучать по, прослушать, недосчитаться, мисс, промах, упускать, прозевать, барышня, девица.

Spanish words for Miss

fallo, perder, falta, desperdiciar, desaprovechar, moler, incumplir, perderse, faltar, fallar, echar de menos, pasar por alto, señorita, error, engaño, no encontrar, echar en falta, añorar.

Swedish words for Miss

miss, sakna.

Tamil word for Miss


Turkish word for Miss


Ukrainian word for Miss


Vietnamese word for Miss

bỏ lỡ.