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How To Spell mission?

Correct spelling: mission

Definition of mission:

  1. a task that has been assigned to a person or group; "a confidential mission to London"; "his charge was deliver a message"

List of misspellings for mission:

  • lision,
  • missionsa,
  • michagon,
  • missin,
  • smithosian,
  • lission,
  • massion,
  • ramission,
  • parmashion,
  • medasion,
  • musision,
  • michian,
  • cision,
  • misssionary,
  • mision,
  • missiong,
  • mishagan,
  • amition,
  • missioary,
  • miltion,
  • fision,
  • milion,
  • amission,
  • michigna,
  • disssion,
  • imation,
  • ision,
  • misison,
  • michine,
  • usiaian,
  • dishion,
  • omittion,
  • dimmesion,
  • sumission,
  • mossion,
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  • missioned,
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  • dimesion.

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Translations for mission:

Arabic word for Mission


Bengali word for Mission


Chinese word for Mission

> 使命.

Dutch words for Mission

doelstelling, missie, zending, opdracht, roeping, taakstelling, afvaardiging, delegatie, gezantschap.

German words for Mission

Einsatz, Aufgabe, Auftrag, Berufung, Beruf, Mission, Sendung, Delegation, Abordnung, Gesandtschaft, Lebensinhalt, Lebenszweck, Kampfauftrag.

Greek word for Mission

Η αποστολή.

Hindi word for Mission


Italian words for Mission

metà, compito, missione, vocazione.

Malay word for Mission


Marathi word for Mission


Norwegian word for Mission


Polish words for Mission

żądanie, misja, posłannictwo, zlecenie.

Romanian word for Mission


Russian word for Mission


Spanish words for Mission

objetivo, objeto, tarea, cometido, papel, mandato, misión.

Tamil word for Mission


Turkish word for Mission


Ukrainian word for Mission