Correct spelling for ANIALATION

We think the word anialation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for anialation

  • Adulation(Definition of adulation)
  • But already adulation begins, and may spoil him.

  • Initiation(Definition of initiation)
  • At our interview in liverpool on the occasion of my initiation, he gave me a full account of this among other incidents.

  • Insulation(Definition of insulation)
  • For this reason, the dynamo revolving at a high speed, the momentum of the current is very considerable; hence, owing to the self-induction of the machine, a sudden reversal will tend to break down the insulation at any weak point of the machine.

  • Inflation(Definition of inflation)
  • No person, city, state, or organized group can afford to evade the obligation to resist inflation, for every american pays its crippling tax.

  • Ablation(Definition of ablation)
  • The sample is then irradiated by a pulsed laser, causing ablation and desorption of the sample and matrix.

  • Alienation(Definition of alienation)
  • Without them marriage would be a source of privation, difficulty and alienation; and family a painful encumbrance.

  • Undulation(Definition of undulation)
  • They had to wait a minute or two close to the steamer's side, until a smooth undulation lapped the lurching hull, when they seized the ladder and scrambled up.

  • Elation(Definition of elation)
  • A super-elation dispersed the thought of the brief married life which might be hers, that she might be stepping into widowhood even while she repeated her vows.

  • Animation(Definition of animation)
  • His eyelids were closed, and pale, and without sign of animation, he lay at the foot of a tree nigh which he had dropped.

  • Inhalation(Definition of inhalation)
  • -uses: by inhalation, chronic pulmonary diseases; extern.

  • Annotation(Definition of annotation)
  • Game artificial intelligence – computer game bot – video game ai – computer chess – computer go – general game playing – general video game playing – game theory – hybrid intelligent system – intelligent agent – agent architecture – cognitive architecture – intelligent control – knowledge management – concept mining – data mining – text mining – process mining – e-mail spam filtering – information extraction – activity recognition – image retrieval – automatic image annotation – named-entity extraction – coreference resolution – named-entity recognition – relationship extraction – terminology extraction – knowledge representation – semantic web – machine learning – constrained conditional models – deep learning – neural modeling fields – natural language processing – chatterbots – language identification – natural language user interface – natural language understanding – machine translation – statistical semantics – question answering – semantic translation – nonlinear control – pattern recognition – optical character recognition – handwriting recognition – speech recognition – face recognition – robotics – behavior-based robotics – cognitive – cybernetics – developmental robotics – epigenetic robotics – evolutionary robotics – speech generating device – strategic planning – vehicle infrastructure integration – virtual intelligence – virtual reality –

  • Annihilation(Definition of annihilation)
  • He lay quite helpless and sinking, sinking-slowly, terribly sinking into an overwhelming sea of annihilation.

  • Inaction(Definition of inaction)
  • And i do not believe that those who follow this rule are ever left floundering on the sea-deserted sands of inaction, unable to find water enough to swim in."