Correct spelling for ARIATING

We think the word ariating is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for ariating

  • Creating
  • Irrigating
  • Ariadne
  • Theseus, on his return, grieved much, and left money to the people of the country, bidding them sacrifice to ariadne; he also set up two little statues, one of silver, and the other of brass.

  • Aiding
  • Upon this the peloponnesians, desirous of aiding the aeginetans, threw into aegina a force of three hundred heavy infantry, who had before been serving with the corinthians and epidaurians.

  • Treating(Definition of Treating)
  • Arraying
  • The startling summons frightened old morris so badly that he drew his head under the bed-clothes; sent julius like a shot out of the back window and scurrying barelegged through the garden; reached the ears of a pale but resolute woman, who hastily began arraying herself in such garments as she could find in the dark, and brought out of bed an excited, determined boy who opened an upper window with a crash, and shoved the muzzles of two heavy revolvers down at the blue-jackets.

  • Airing(Definition of airing)
  • Then she closed the door again, having noted nothing unusual, though she had an impression that the place needed airing.

  • Riding(Definition of riding)
  • When you're in love Ponies for riding on Wind in your hair Slides to be sliding on

    – Jenny Rebecca by Neil Diamond
  • Abating(Definition of abating)
  • About noon the wind came more to the west, and sometimes it was calm; nevertheless the sea wrought high, the waves raised by the former storms not abating a long while after the storm ceased.

  • Gritting
  • Arraign(Definition of arraign)
  • Therefore by such behaviour he was a terror to the enemy, whilst he infused courage and strength in the hearts of his friends, so that throughout his life he continued to be a man whom his foes dared not despise, whom his fellow-citizens cared not to arraign, within the circle of his friends held blameless, the idol and admiration of the outer world.

  • Aerating
  • It has been the opinion of most observers that the exopodites of trilobites were swimming organs, while others have thought that they functioned also in aerating the blood.

  • Pirating(Definition of Pirating)
  • Arrogating(Definition of Arrogating)
  • Brother paul wrote-and his letter was printed, for he now advertised his radioprograms in the columns of the intelligencer-that caesar-presumably the state of california-had been chastened for arrogating to itself things not to be rendered unto caesar and the tankmen had deservedly perished for their sacrilege.

  • Writing(Definition of writing)
  • You know I see you hiding In your little corner of the world Read all the poem you're writing 'Bout a scared and lonely girl

    – If You Could See Yourself In My Eyes by billy gilman
  • Rioting(Definition of rioting)
  • Ratting(Definition of ratting)
  • Raiding
  • Happily, the travellers came upon a band of ansareys who were raiding the turkish province, and were led by them through their black ravines to the fortress palace of the queen.

  • Abrading
  • Raindrops, impressions of, 48 raised beaches, 76 ravine, 69 recent elevation in europe, 79 recent formation, 57 ripple marks, 48 rivers- beds of, raised, 113 continued into the sea, 112 abrading action of, 105 abrading action of promoted by foreign substances, 106 rock crystal, 14 rock salt, 16, 118 rocks, denned, 16 rose quartz, 14

  • Narrating
  • Prating(Definition of Prating)
  • Arising
  • Stipe long, erect, reddish-brown, arising from a thin hypothallus.

  • Righting
  • Urinating
  • Crating
  • Orating
  • Awaiting
  • After a welcome bath he dressed as quickly as he could for dinner-dressed so quickly, indeed, that he thought he was entitled to glance at the outside of the pile of letters awaiting him there on the mantelpiece.

  • Britain
  • Our territorial quarrels with great britain were not like those between most other powers.

  • Irritating(Definition of irritating)
  • But, at the same time, it is most irritating to a man of a speculative turn of mind.

  • Eating(Definition of eating)
  • I eat it, too, and i've been eating it for an hour, but i don't like it any better for that."

  • Grating(Definition of grating)
  • She gave me her beautiful hand through the grating, and i covered it with tears and kisses.

  • Rating(Definition of rating)
  • A great deal is due to you, i know; but i can't pay a jot of it while you go on rating my father like a madman.