Correct spelling for ATHOUGH

We think the word athough is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for athough

  • Thoth(Definition of thoth)
  • It is quite natural, therefore, that writers on the origin and history of playing cards have found no record of their invention, no monument to their inventor, and no cradle at their birthplace, since they looked solely for the cards that were familiar to them and for games played with those cards, while they failed to recognise that the cards were part of a cult and were the heraldic emblems of mercury (as displayed on the pip cards) and those of ancient egyptian gods (as depicted on the atouts), and, therefore, these writers declare that no link exists between the italian tarots of the present day and the great book of thoth hermes trismegistus, while they acknowledge that playing cards owe their invention to the egyptians, who, having inherited the "men portrayed upon the walls" from the babylonians and the traditions of nebo, "the one who writes the tablets of fate," elaborated the ceremonies, simplified their code, and introduced them to europe, first through the priests of the serapeon, and then, by means of the tarots, to other parts of the world.

  • Although(Definition of although)
  • She is quite right, i'm sure; although of course we scarcely like it.

  • Thur
  • Through(Definition of through)
  • That was to keep the dear ones from quarreling all through the year.

  • Though(Definition of though)
  • Nikkolay winced, as though something he had expected to hurt had hurt worse than he had expected.

  • Tho(Definition of tho)
  • The men who were with him were the owners of a boat which was the first that ever went that far up the obion river; and some hands he had hired to carry it about a hundred miles still further up, by water, tho' it was only about thirty by land, as the river is very crooked.

  • Trough(Definition of trough)
  • Hugh
  • "i will, colonel," bowed fitz hugh, with a glance which expressed surprise, and perhaps admiration, at this confidence.

  • Author(Definition of author)
  • "nonsense," answered the author.

  • Thous
  • I saw on the walls of the city of thous a bird hovering before the skull of kai-kawous.

  • Thou(Definition of thou)
  • Call it a trauell that thou tak'st for pleasure bul.

    O equal to the Father, Thou! Gird on Thy fleshly mantle now;

    – Come, Thou Redeemer of the Earth by religious music
  • Thigh(Definition of thigh)
  • The heavy muscles of trunk, shoulder and thigh require but a small amount of nervous impulse or control, and they react strongly on all the vital organs, as is shown every time that we take a walk.

  • Oath(Definition of oath)
  • "and i will cause sir richard to give it out that you have taken the oath.

  • Thought(Definition of thought)
  • "oh, i thought i told you.

  • Thu
  • Dad-burn ye!-like to jest haul back a' old flat-hander, jest che-whack! and take you 'twixt the shoulders, say, sometime you're lookin' t'other way!- er, maybe whilse you're speakin' to a whole blame courthouse-full o' 'thu- syastic friends, i'd like to jest come in-like and break up the nest afore you hatched anuther cheer, and say: "'ras, i can't stand hitched here all night-ner wouldn't ef i could!- but little bethel neghborhood, you ust to live at, 's sent some word fer you, ef ary chance occurred to git it to ye,-so ef you kin stop, i'm waitin' fer ye to!"

  • Ought(Definition of ought)
  • "i say, ought i to be in here?

  • Tough(Definition of tough)
  • Thug(Definition of thug)
  • Meadows, confessions of a thug, 89 n.

  • Thor(Definition of thor)
  • "the thing is too light," said thor.

  • Aught(Definition of aught)
  • I can only promise that all there is left of poor grace hilland's heart-if aught-shall be yours."

  • Arthur(Definition of arthur)
  • You know what dear arthur is.

  • Thorough(Definition of thorough)
  • He takes after his father in being very thorough in what he does.