Correct spelling for BAACA

We think the word baaca is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for baaca

  • Busy(Definition of busy)
  • They were busy, very busy.

  • Book(Definition of book)
  • 260, 261, 263 rights, book of, i.

  • Basic(Definition of basic)
  • An eskimo generally lets you know what he thinks, and this is a basic difference between him and the indian.

  • Boys
  • 71 "boys," the, vii.

  • Bikes
  • It was at crown ovender farm, and we had to lift the bikes over fences and wheel them over ploughed fields to get there, because we did not know the right way by road.

  • Bags
  • "this means something," said the man to himself; "here will be a revelation," and a vision of the gopher's gold-bags crossed his mind with tempting vividness.

  • Bucks
  • And cowboys and indian bucks joined in that war against the reptiles.

  • Because(Definition of Because)
  • Because i wrote to robert in it.

  • Boss(Definition of boss)
  • "oh, i don't imagine we'll be lonesome," puts in the boss.

  • Buck(Definition of buck)
  • Mr. buck ogilvy groaned.

  • Basics
  • Yes. he felt that even if the basics of natural law in operation here were purely nonsense laws, he would be able to penetrate to a rational manipulation and control of things.

  • Abaca(Definition of abaca)
  • The almost universal custom is to plant, for temporary shelter, suckers of fruiting bananas, but throughout the visayas and in southern luzon i think abaca could be advantageously substituted.

  • Babies
  • Babies are so impossible," jerry said, musingly.

  • Bus(Definition of bus)
  • Riding home on the next bus, he brooded about it.

  • Bake(Definition of bake)
  • If there are any, and if it has to endure the threefold heat of which father tobias, of silesia, related to me, i do not believe that the priests, for a few thalers, can loose the unhappy spirit from the bake-oven.

  • Bug(Definition of bug)
  • If we care to blow or scrape off the bubbles, we readily disclose him-- a green speckled bug, about a third of an inch in length in larger specimens, with prominent black eyes, and blunt, wedge-shaped body.

  • Bass(Definition of bass)
  • And the other side of the choir, that on which were father etienne and the abbot, answered, scanning the syllables very slowly, with voices of bass pitch,- "domine ad adjuvandum me festina."

  • Beg(Definition of beg)
  • "dear brother, i beg of you, do not be vexed with me.

  • Back(Definition of back)
  • You've got to come back."

    And one what goes in, don't come back The color may be green but it's also black

    – Politics of the Sneaker Pimps by public enemy
  • Baggage(Definition of baggage)
  • Perhaps they wept for sheer weariness after sitting encamped for hours on their baggage.

  • Books
  • "and then the books!

  • Big(Definition of big)
  • The big jovian grinned.

  • Boxes
  • A moment later, one of my boxes went by, looking very fat and friendly, on the shoulders of a porter, who apparently had no head.

  • Beach(Definition of beach)
  • The group crossed over the reef and swam to the beach in front of the cottage.

  • Bushes
  • Yet, presently i shook free of my melancholy and lonesomeness and rose up out of the moss-bushes, and went onward.

  • Bugs
  • I did not become an enthusiastic amateur naturalist at once; i did not at once begin to collect worms and bugs.

  • Basis(Definition of basis)
  • Harney as the only basis on which he would treat with jackson and price: memorandum for gen.

  • Bias(Definition of bias)
  • Now in this very letter of feb 2, there is a sentence which i highly value, because, as aforesaid, it is on a point on which he would never have yielded anything, to which he had paid life-long attention, and on which he had the bias of having long stood alone.

  • Bike(Definition of bike)
  • "get on your bike, bob, and go and fetch thorpe," commanded clytie the capable, at the same time loosening her father's shirt collar.

  • Bush(Definition of bush)
  • I crawled out of the bush and stood up.

  • Buys
  • Paul buys was appointed by leicester to fill a subordinate position in the new council.

  • Bag(Definition of bag)
  • Didn't have no more chance than a paper bag at a picnic.

    Now he leavin' in a black bag He the roach, the Brisc' be the Black Flag

    – I'm A G by Rick Ross
  • Box(Definition of box)
  • "i thought i dropped my snuff-box, sir?

  • Buses
  • There i stand long at the brink; i look for a policeman to guide and guard my steps; i crane my neck forward from my coign of vantage and count the cabs, the taxicabs, the carriages, the private automobiles, the motor-buses, the express-wagons, and calculate my chances.

  • Base(Definition of base)
  • Petioles short with 2 stipules at the base.