Correct spelling for BACUS

We think the word bacus is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for bacus

  • Busy(Definition of busy)
  • For more than thirty years layer's head looked sorrowfully down on busy fleet street.

  • Book(Definition of book)
  • I took my telephone-book, and looked up the name abell.

  • Basic(Definition of basic)
  • Once he could get at the basic facts of disease as it related to the very simplest organisms, he could progress upwards to the higher organisms, and so eventually to man.

  • Boys
  • 10,380. therefore you have not settled with the beach boys?

  • Bikes
  • And besides that there were two cases addressed to dicky and me, and through the gaps in the boards we could see twisted straw, and our hearts leapt high in our breasts, because we knew that they were bikes.

  • Bags
  • They didn't need anyone to carry their bags; they didn't need anyone to register them in hotels; they didn't need personal service of that kind.

  • Bucks
  • There were other looks directed at the handsome young fellow, who seemed so unconscious, and so great a contrast to the bucks and beaux who were waving clouded canes, taking snuff from gold boxes, and standing in groups in studied attitudes.

  • Because(Definition of Because)
  • 15,496. was that because you had a large account?

  • Boss(Definition of boss)
  • Bill, the section boss, sat up about all night making it out- painfully and laboriously.

  • Buck(Definition of buck)
  • So you'll have to buck up, mr. spooner.

  • Basics
  • Great back-to-the-land classic explains basics of self-sufficient farming.

  • Abacus(Definition of abacus)
  • They are generally finished with a plain square abacus moulding, with the under edge simply bevelled or chamfered; sometimes a slight angular moulding occurs between the upper face and slope of the abacus, and sometimes the abacus alone intervenes between the pier and the spring of the arch.

  • Babies
  • 46 water babies, c. kingsley.

  • Bus(Definition of bus)
  • The early lamplight came and went on their faces as the bus jogged on.

  • Bake(Definition of bake)
  • Break an egg into each half, sprinkle with salt and pepper, add a teaspoonful of cream to each egg and bake in a moderate oven until the eggs are set.

  • Bug(Definition of bug)
  • To see a big wax bug flying with trailing ribbons slowly from tree to tree in the jungle is to recall the streaming trains of a flock of peacocks on the wing.

  • Bass(Definition of bass)
  • Then came carr's deep bass laugh; the polished hoofs struck the ground and they were off, flashing away across the meadowlands.

  • Beg(Definition of beg)
  • I beg your pardon, seh.

  • Back(Definition of back)
  • No other birds interested me now till the chickadees came back.

    Drake And Vo Back I Take It You Know That You Take It Sitting Down Or You Can Take It To Gold Black

    – Special by drake
  • Baggage(Definition of baggage)
  • I'll have the baggage on board, everything ready; you only have to cross the gangplank.

  • Books
  • Was he talkin' about bolsheviki books, you reckon?

  • Big(Definition of big)
  • For hours they talked together about india-tiger hunts and the big grass jungle country in the bund el khand, until skag couldn't wait any longer.

  • Boxes
  • Its cellars were crammed with shells and piled boxes of bombs.

  • Beach(Definition of beach)
  • 12,812. when you were a beach boy, could you not get your cash in hand if you asked for it in advance in the course of the year?

  • Bushes
  • And then there's tall trees of all kinds, and there's bushes that'll have flowers on them, belike, in the right time of the year.

  • Bugs
  • I will get me some black bugs, there must be plenty of them over in black-bug swamp."

  • Basis(Definition of basis)
  • Froebel revealed the truth that feeling is the basis of thought.

  • Bias(Definition of bias)
  • The minister on his part seeks the advice of the under-secretary on all questions that arise, making allowance for bias due to preconceived political or personal conviction.

  • Bike(Definition of bike)
  • Bike parties that make explorations lasting for days, or even for weeks, are now not unusual, and if they travel prepared to make camp wherever night overtakes them, the more healthful the sport and the more novel and independent the tour.

  • Bush(Definition of bush)
  • 2 the angel of the lord appeared out of the bush.

  • Buys
  • And she has money and she buys her own clothes.

  • Bag(Definition of bag)
  • Their dress is almost wholly of reindeer skin; their travelling gear a leathern bag with down in it, and a kettle.

    Does it make you proud...to talk the world into a paper bag? Spotty stain of "I'm ok", you're not ok! Yes, men too, can be on the rag.

    – Leech by incubus
  • Box(Definition of box)
  • At the end of 10 minutes i had reached the bottom of the box.

  • Buses
  • Tabby cats-the soft, fattish kind, without any manlike qualities, that seemed to be by far the greater proportion of all the men one saw about in buses and in the streets and met in business; tabby cats-sloppy, old-womanish creatures.

  • Base(Definition of base)
  • Then, on approaching the lower extremity of the glacier des bossons, it wound to the left and zig-zagged up the base of the mountain.