Correct spelling for BEETING

We think the word beeting is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for beeting

  • Biting(Definition of biting)
  • They stopped biting as soon as it got dark."

  • Being(Definition of being)
  • He slowly turned to the prisoner: "have you any objection to these letters being read?"

  • Breeding(Definition of breeding)
  • "i only regret that mr. gawffaw's folly and ill-breeding should have brought you into this disagreeable situation, mr. douglas.

  • Begetting
  • One lesson, if one only, he had truly learnt from nature: it bade him forget all personal disquietude, in joy that he was not guilty of that crime of crimes, the begetting of children by a worthless mother.

  • Bleating(Definition of Bleating)
  • From cell to cell i pass the graveyard of the living dead, the silence broken only by intermittent savage yells and the piteous bleating of mike.

  • Extriction
  • Butting(Definition of Butting)
  • And she knows the chances that come butting up against nancy olden.

  • Beating(Definition of beating)
  • Somehow hurd had lost his hearing, perhaps as a result of the beating the police had given him on agron.

    feeling your heart beating, And I'm wondering what you're dreaming,

    – I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by aerosmith
  • Boating(Definition of boating)
  • In his slim boating-attire his figure looked heroic.

  • Bedding(Definition of bedding)
  • Being quite fastidious, i never enjoyed sound sleep unless i slept comfortably in my own bedding.

  • Betting(Definition of betting)
  • In those days, too, sir, there was as much gaming and betting as there is now, perhaps more-though i'm told that great folks are more given nowadays to gambling on the stock exchange than at cards or race-horses; begging your pardon, sir!

  • Beefing
  • Biffin" is thought to be a corruption of "beefing", which refers to the apples dark red beef-like colour, or perhaps beefing is a corruption of biffin.

  • Besetting(Definition of Besetting)
  • It is remarkable, too, that the besetting sin of serious french prose, its tendency to the declamatory, is well kept under by calvin.

  • Besting
  • On july 2, 2013, bailey pitched a 3-0 no-hitter against the san francisco giants at great american ball park, besting tim lincecum—himself a no-hit pitcher only eleven days later.

  • Bating(Definition of Bating)
  • More hide substance was lost than in either of the above processes, but this was deliberate, the object being to dispense with bating, which is always light for harness hides.

  • Teeing(Definition of Teeing)
  • Beading(Definition of beading)
  • The doctor cast his eye on the beading of the page, and saw the large letters a n t.

  • Beeping
  • 14 beeping in the rain s1/ep4 mar.

  • Boeing
  • In early 2004, boeing announced tentative plans for the 747 advanced that were eventually adopted.

  • Abetting
  • This did not satisfy the other, who taxed him with abetting and assisting the curate's knavery, and insisted on having his share of the winnings returned; this demand the exciseman as positively refused affirming that, whatever sleights shuffle might practise on other occasions, he was very certain that he had played on the square with them, and would answer it before any bench in christendom; so saying, he got up and, having paid his reckoning, sneaked off.

  • Beetling(Definition of beetling)
  • Mr. meyer vetsburg cast a beetling glance down upon miss kaufman, there so small beside him, and tinked peremptorily against her plate three times with his fork.

  • Meeting(Definition of meeting)
  • Booting(Definition of Booting)
  • The banana pro uses a microsd card for booting an os, but also includes a sata 2.

  • Berating(Definition of berating)
  • Ian wolf of on the box described it as "perfectly enjoyable" but at the same time lamented the asininity of the questions being posed by the brain, further berating its low prize fund of just £750 per person.

  • Baiting
  • "no," said will, and he went on baiting his hooks.

  • Belting(Definition of belting)
  • The greatest difficulty experienced with belting is in getting up speed and stopping.

  • Bleeding(Definition of bleeding)
  • Her nose was bleeding a little, too.

  • Batting
  • He spent a good deal of time trying to discover which were the original sections of the coat, and especially of the vest, which was ragged and yellow with age, with the cotton batting working out; and yet daddy took the greatest care of it, folding it carefully and putting it away during the heat of the day out of reach of the crickets.

  • Beatings
  • It may express itself in cursing and swearing, but it is still an expression of emotion, just as are the mother's curses or beatings of her child because it has fallen and hurt itself.