Correct spelling for BOOYS

We think the word booys is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for booys

  • Bows
  • Time in the bows!

  • Boozy(Definition of boozy)
  • Besides the individuals i have mentioned, there belonged to the household three young men, dissipated, good-for-nothing, roystering blades of savages, who were either employed in prosecuting love affairs with the maidens of the tribe, or grew boozy on 'arva' and tobacco in the company of congenial spirits, the scapegraces of the valley.

  • Booze(Definition of booze)
  • I really ought to pension him after his long years in the cardigan service, but i'll be hanged if we can afford pensions any more-particularly to keep a man in booze; so the best our old woods-boss gets from me is this shanty, or another like it when we move to new cuttings, and a perpetual meal-ticket for our camp dining room while the cardigans remain in business.

  • Boys
  • Oh, boys, he's all right!

  • Disconcertions
  • Bays(Definition of Bays)
  • There is work, therefore, for all the ships afloat; others and larger ones have to be constructed; and modern engineering skill places on the bosom of the deep sea vessels which few, indeed, of the greatest rivers can accommodate in their channels and bays.

  • Disburdenings
  • Boors
  • These boors and their wives had brought baskets of eggs, butter, and cheese, for the garrison, and they now set themselves quietly down on the ground before the gate, waiting for the soldiers of the garrison to come out and traffic with them for their supplies.

  • Boons
  • One of the greatest boons which will result from the industrial emancipation of woman will be the frank admission on the part of the true and chivalric man that she is the sole and rightful owner of her own being in every respect, and that whatever companionship may exist between her and man shall be as thoroughly honorable to her as to him.

  • Bios(Definition of BIOS)
  • To support the ecmascript code, advanced content defines a large number of objects, properties, and methods ("apis") that are analogous to the dom in a web browser; these apis allow the script to query and control the player, animate the markup page, respond to user events, and connect to the internet to download new content such as trailers, cast & crew bios, or other information.

  • Boss(Definition of boss)
  • "they'll find out who's boss.

    Might never be cross Try to be boss

    – It Had To Be You by b.b. king
  • Books
  • Be you at them books agin?"

  • Booms
  • Unpack this dynamite, and blow damnation out of those booms-the sortin'-gap first!

  • Boots(Definition of Boots)
  • "get your boots on," he ordered.

  • Boars
  • Bring us in no butter, for therein are many hairs, nor bring us in no pig's flesh, for that will make us boars; but bring us in good ale.

  • Buys
  • "papa buys them for our dog, and you can get puppy cakes, too.

  • Boos
  • Boos chess engine crafty diablo faile fairy-max fruit glaurung gnu chess hoichess komodo phalanx shredder sjeng stockfish toga ii

  • Bossy(Definition of bossy)
  • And as snow-flakes fall upon the earth, which the violent wind, having disturbed the shady clouds, pours down thick upon the fertile soil; thus poured the weapons from the hands as well of the greeks as of the trojans; and the helmets and bossy shields, smitten with large stones, sounded drily around.

  • Buoys
  • Two new buoys were supplied last year.

  • Boers
  • As is their custom, the boers remained invisible and made no reply.

  • Boas
  • But to see the true boas in their native forests we must cross the atlantic; and those who are not familiar with the story may have no objection to learn how captain stedman fared in an encounter with one twenty-two feet and some inches in length, during his residence in surinam.