Correct spelling for BROWIN

We think the word browin is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for browin

  • Briny(Definition of briny)
  • Far out, and where the riot waves run mingling in tumultuous throngs, she danced above a thousand graves, and heard a thousand briny songs.

  • Broken(Definition of broken)
  • For the woman whose heart is broken there remains but one place-the grave.

  • Borodin(Definition of borodin)
  • Russia is fortunate in her musical inheritance; for not only has she a wealth of folk-songs, but her famous composers, balakireff, borodin and rimsky-korsakoff-who are men of letters as well-have published remarkable editions of these national melodies.

  • Rowan(Definition of rowan)
  • Brewing(Definition of brewing)
  • He was quite put out, i could see, though he recovered himself in a moment, and went off laughing with the man, who had been sent for him to take his part in a rehearsal which had been suddenly resolved on; for theatricals had been brewing for some time, and he had promised to act in them.

  • Bring(Definition of bring)
  • "bring him up to my house," he quietly remarked.

  • Browning(Definition of browning)
  • Mr. browning is said to be learned in greek, especially in the dramatists; and of mr. home i should suspect something similar.

  • Brain(Definition of brain)
  • Scarcely had he closed the door behind him, when a sudden thought flashed through his brain.

    And I know yo baby mama still giving me brain And I know that ain't platinum, that's a silvery chain

    – The Way We Ball /Remix by Lil' Flip
  • Bowing(Definition of bowing)
  • "only if your grace has need of services which i can give or refuse," i answered, bowing.

  • Brown(Definition of brown)
  • "mr. brown came to our part of the country just at the time that sir geoffrey came from abroad.

  • Bruin(Definition of bruin)
  • Perhaps we are brothers;" and taking in his hand the chain that held the bear, he bestowed upon him sundry fraternal caresses, which the ungrateful bruin returned with low and savage growls.

  • Byron
  • I suppose you love byron?

  • Brownie(Definition of brownie)
  • Trout's luck is gone; it went with the brownie, i believe.

  • Borrowing(Definition of borrowing)
  • It was lucky he did, for he soon found that there would be no chance of borrowing from his roommate.

  • Growing(Definition of growing)
  • Bowen
  • But, bowen, my friend, dare we attempt it?

  • Crowing(Definition of crowing)
  • Two roosters were crowing antiphonally in near-by yards, and a dog was barking somewhere far off.

  • Brian
  • But mr. brian seemed quite unmoved by nanny's rollicking charms.

  • Brownian
  • The dividing line between life and lifelessness was supposed to have been obliterated when elementary manifestations of life were proved to exist in inanimate matter; the brownian movements in the smallest particles; the growth of crystals immersed in a solution of the same chemical composition as themselves; crystallization itself which represents a kind of very simple organization of matter, and at any rate proves the sway of a regulating and directive force; the tendency of certain elements to combine, which has been called their affinity.

  • Dummiest
  • Browne(Definition of browne)
  • We soon found that both he and mr. browne lent these illustrious names to half a score of clubs, from the athenaeum downward.

  • Boron(Definition of boron)
  • Turkey textiles, food processing, autos, electronics, mining (coal, chromate, copper, boron), steel, petroleum, construction, lumber, paper

  • Brawn(Definition of brawn)
  • And this they do that they may by means of the fat of the brawn and oiliness of the salad, with the coldness of their nature, obstruct the internal passage of the body, and thus weaken the sharpness or heat of the poison.

  • Trowing
  • Boring(Definition of boring)
  • It certainly wouldn't be boring, though.

  • Brine(Definition of brine)
  • 120 10. and every nymph of stream and spreading tree, and every shepherdess of ocean's flocks, who drives her white waves over the green sea, and ocean with the brine on his gray locks, and quaint priapus with his company, 125 all came, much wondering how the enwombed rocks could have brought forth so beautiful a birth;- her love subdued their wonder and their mirth.

  • Rowing(Definition of rowing)
  • Blowing
  • She was still lying to, blowing off steam, and there seemed to be a good deal of confusion on her deck.

  • Burrowing
  • You are likely to find many burrowing owls living in prairie dog villages.

  • Bromine(Definition of bromine)
  • It is also known that if you employ a thicker coating of iodine and apply upon it a proportionate tint of bromine, so as to obtain a deep rose tint, delineations will be less marked, and the image have a softer tone.

  • Brogan(Definition of brogan)
  • 'clothes are exceeding scarce, for, lo! we are becoming an extremely ragged and seedy generation; our toes stick out through our last year's boots, neither is there any one among us who knoweth enough to make the first principle of a brogan.

  • Browsing(Definition of browsing)
  • Begin, and, whilst the goats are browsing now the soft leaves, in our way let us pursue the melancholy loves of gallus.

  • Baron(Definition of baron)
  • The baron glanced quickly at his young friend.