Correct spelling for CALICUM

We think the word calicum is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for calicum

  • Clique(Definition of clique)
  • Belong to no clique and, of course, you are bavius or maevius.

  • Calico(Definition of calico)
  • On the rivers are cotton and flour mills, and dye and calico-printing works.

  • Talcum(Definition of talcum)
  • Ordinarily, a sponge bath followed by the application of talcum powder is sufficient to give relief in mild cases; but severe or neglected cases should be treated by means of bran baths, a cupful of bran being tied up in a gauze bag and suspended in water until the water assumes a milky color.

  • Calm(Definition of calm)
  • She felt perfectly calm and mistress of the situation.

  • Colicky(Definition of colicky)
  • Colicky pains about navel.

  • Click(Definition of click)
  • With a click of the heels and a friendly smile, he was gone.

  • Calicoes(Definition of Calicoes)
  • In 1763, parliament imposed duties on foreign imports going to america via britain: to wit, sugar, indigo, coffee, certain wines, wrought silks, calicoes, and cambrick linen.

  • Calcium(Definition of calcium)
  • A large bucket of calcium-lime mixture, used in whitewashing walls, was placed before the swami.

  • Calculi(Definition of Calculi)
  • According to kisch, the cold mineral waters containing an abundance of sulphate of soda, like hunyadi and marienbad, are to be preferred to the hot mineral waters, such as carlsbad, because of their lesser irritant action on the vascular system, and because they strongly excite diuresis through their low temperature and contained carbonic acid; carlsbad deserves preference only when obesity is combined with uric acid calculi, or with diabetes.

  • Coliseum(Definition of coliseum)
  • The day you went to the coliseum i lunched with you both at the ritz.

  • Colic(Definition of colic)
  • There are various forms of colic.

  • Gallium(Definition of gallium)
  • Alkali and alkaline earth metals: metal hydride boron: borane, bh3 aluminium: alumane, alh3 gallium: gallane, gah3 indium: indigane, inh3 thallium: thallane, tlh3 carbon: alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, and all hydrocarbons silicon: silane germanium: germane tin: stannane lead: plumbane nitrogen: ammonia ('azane when substituted), hydrazine phosphorus: phosphine (note 'phosphane is the iupac recommended name) arsenic: arsine (note 'arsane is the iupac recommended name) antimony: stibine (note 'stibane is the iupac recommended name) bismuth: bismuthine (note 'bismuthane is the iupac recommended name) helium: helium hydride (only exists as an ion) according to the convention above, the following are "hydrogen compounds" and not "hydrides": oxygen: water ('oxidane when substituted; synonym: oxygen hydride), hydrogen peroxide sulfur: hydrogen sulfide ('sulfane when substituted) synonym: sulfur hydride selenium: hydrogen selenide ('selane when substituted) tellurium: hydrogen telluride ('tellane when substituted) polonium: hydrogen polonide ('polane when substituted) halogens: hydrogen halides examples: nickel hydride: used in nimh batteries palladium hydride: electrodes in cold fusion experiments lithium aluminium hydride: a powerful reducing agent used in organic chemistry sodium borohydride: selective specialty reducing agent, hydrogen storage in fuel cells sodium hydride: a powerful base used in organic chemistry diborane: reducing agent, rocket fuel, semiconductor dopant, catalyst, used in organic synthesis; also borane, pentaborane and decaborane arsine: used for doping semiconductors stibine: used in semiconductor industry phosphine: used for fumigation silane: many industrial uses, e.

  • Locum
  • I have engaged a berth on a steamer going to brazil, one that hasn't got a wireless telegraphic installation, and i've secured a locum tenens for the parish.

  • Caligula(Definition of caligula)
  • While senator, seneca incurred the jealousy of caligula, and in a.d. 39 narrowly escaped death.

  • Curlicue
  • In the first window there was a picture of him in one of the turrets of the tower, farther on he was seeking something in a chink in the wall, in the next picture he was opening an old cabinet with a golden key, and so it went on through numbers of scenes, and presently the prince noticed that another figure occupied the most important place in each scene, and this time it was a tall handsome young man: poor prince curlicue found it a pleasure to look at him, he was so straight and strong.

  • Clicks
  • He collected yesterday's written manuscript, brought the edges down on the table in successive clicks, until they made an even, rectangular pile.

  • Claim(Definition of claim)
  • "but, mamma, has he-can he have-any claim on me?