Correct spelling for CHANNGED

We think the word channged is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for channged

  • Fanged(Definition of fanged)
  • Challenged
  • Fully 3000 people lined the streets and housetops to witness the race to which we had been challenged by four dungan horsemen, riding below on the encircling roadway.

  • Chanter(Definition of chanter)
  • Duda - a bagpipe with triple/quadruple chanter and a single drone.

  • Chanted
  • But then killigrew was from paris and chanted the newer creed; he was always comparing london unfavourably with paris even when he was showing it off most.

  • Ganged
  • Hanged(Definition of Hanged)
  • Charged(Definition of charged)
  • Danged
  • Channeled(Definition of Channeled)
  • Gas is accreted from the stellar companion and is channeled by the neutron stars magnetic field on to the magnetic poles producing two or more localized x-ray hot spots, similar to the two auroral zones on earth, but far hotter.

  • Chantey(Definition of chantey)
  • Changer(Definition of changer)
  • In such systems, the tap changer will often be set just once, at the time of installation, although it may be changed later during a scheduled outage to accommodate a long-term change in the system voltage profile.

  • Chinked
  • Shunned
  • Change(Definition of change)
  • A quick change swept over her.

  • Changes
  • Observe also the great variety of changes among these modulations and their necessary union for right interpretation.

  • Banged
  • A child's hair is never cut, except that from about the age of 3 years the boy's hair is "banged" across the forehead.

  • Churned
  • Changed(Definition of changed)
  • The horses are changed here.

  • Ranged(Definition of Ranged)
  • Shagged(Definition of shagged)
  • Chanced
  • It appears that, after bidding the fair blanchisseuse good-night, he chanced one evening to take a walk up and down liverpool street, where he fell into conversation with a girl of prepossessing appearance.

  • Channelled(Definition of Channelled)
  • Jeremy got up one morning to feel that somewhere behind the thick wet mists of the early hours there was a blazing sun. after breakfast, opening the window and leaning out, he could see the leaves of the garden still shining with their early glitter and the earth channelled into fissures and breaks, dark and hard under the silver-threaded frost; beneath the rind of the soil he could feel the pushing, heaving life struggling to answer the call of the sun above it. far down the road towards the orchards a dim veil of gold was spreading behind the walls of mist; the sparrows on the almond tree near his window chattered like the girls of the high school, and blue shadows stole into the dim grey sky, just as light breaks upon an early morning sea; the air was warm behind the outer wall of the frosty morning, and the faint gold of the first crocus beneath the garden wall near the pantry door, where always the first crocuses came, caught his eye. even as he watched the sun burst the mist, the trees changed from dim grey to sharp black, the blue flooded the sky, and the cathedral beyond the trees shone like a house of crystal.

  • Shinned
  • Changers
  • Dc-link capacitors in ac/ac converters for variable-frequency drive and frequency changers as well as in uninterruptible power supplies correction capacitors for power factor correction energy storage for airbags, photoflash devices, civil detonators motor start capacitors for ac motors bipolar capacitors for audio signal coupling flash capacitor for camera flashes

  • Chang
  • Church, buddhistic, 146, 147, 188, 218; taoistic, 136, 147 (see chang ling)

  • Chugged
  • Chinned(Definition of Chinned)
  • Chained(Definition of chained)
  • He is now chained to one end of the cage.