Correct spelling for CHRITINA

We think the word chritina is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for chritina

  • Chitin(Definition of chitin)
  • Like all arthropods, chelicerates have segmented bodies with jointed limbs, all covered in a cuticle made of chitin and proteins.

  • Christen(Definition of christen)
  • "touching the parish clerk and sexton all is well; only our clerk doth sometimes to ease the minister read prayers, church women, christen, bury and marry, being allowed so to do.

  • Cretin(Definition of cretin)
  • Writing(Definition of writing)
  • Christine
  • Then with feminine tact she drew from him his story, and it was told with deep feeling and the natural pathos of childhood, and his gratitude caused him to dwell with a simple eloquence on the part dennis had taken, while his rich and loved german accent made it all the more interesting to christine.

  • Chiding
  • Now that they are alone together for the first time, elsa softly begins chiding her lover for not showing more confidence in her, and revealing who he is.

  • Charting
  • Charting and cataloguing the stars, both visually and photographically, is a work that will never be entirely finished.

  • Christina
  • Christina light was married this morning to prince casamassima."

  • Shirting(Definition of shirting)
  • Retina(Definition of RETINA)
  • Chretien
  • Aristotelia brizella (treitschke, 1833) aristotelia brochodesma meyrick, 1908 aristotelia calastomella (christoph, 1873) aristotelia calculatrix meyrick, 1923 aristotelia calens meyrick, 1923 aristotelia callirrhoda meyrick, 1923 aristotelia callyntrophora rebel, 1899 aristotelia centrosema (lower, 1893) aristotelia citrocosma meyrick, 1908 aristotelia chalybeiochroa (walsingham, 1897) aristotelia chlorographa meyrick, 1914 aristotelia clavata meyrick, 1914 aristotelia coeruleopictella (caradja, 1920) aristotelia comis meyrick, 1913 aristotelia condensata meyrick, 1928 aristotelia corallina walsingham, 1909 aristotelia cosmographa meyrick, 1917 aristotelia crassicornis walsingham, 1897 aristotelia crypsixantha turner, 1919 aristotelia cynthia meyrick, 1917 aristotelia cytheraea meyrick, 1917 aristotelia dasypoda walsingham, 1910 aristotelia decoratella (staudinger, 1879) aristotelia decurtella (hubner, 1813) aristotelia devexella braun, 1925 aristotelia diolcella forbes, 1931 aristotelia dryonota meyrick, 1926 aristotelia elachistella (zeller, 1877) aristotelia eldorada keifer, 1936 aristotelia elegantella (chambers, 1874) aristotelia epacria bradley, 1965 aristotelia epimetalla meyrick, 1904 aristotelia epicharta turner, 1919 aristotelia ericinella (zeller, 1839) aristotelia erycina meyrick, 1917 aristotelia eupatoriella busck, aristotelia eumeris meyrick, 1923 aristotelia euprepella zerny, 1934 aristotelia eurypsola turner, 1919 aristotelia flavicapitella (chrétien, 1915) aristotelia frankeniae walsingham, 1898 aristotelia fungivorella (clemens, 1865) aristotelia furtiva meyrick, 1904 aristotelia galeotis meyrick, 1908 aristotelia heliacella (herrich-schaffer, 1854) aristotelia hemisarca lower, 1916 aristotelia hexacopa meyrick, 1929 aristotelia hieroglyphica walsingham, 1909 aristotelia howardi walsingham, 1909 aristotelia iomarmara meyrick, 1921 aristotelia iospora meyrick, 1929 aristotelia isopelta meyrick, 1929 aristotelia ivae busck, 1900 aristotelia leonhardi krone, 1907 aristotelia lespedezae braun, 1930 aristotelia leucophanta meyrick, 1908 aristotelia lignicolora forbes, 1931 aristotelia lindanella barnes & busck, 1920 aristotelia macrothecta meyrick, 1904 aristotelia melanaphra meyrick, 1923 aristotelia mesoxysta meyrick, 1913 aristotelia mirabilis (christoph, 1888) aristotelia mirandella (chretien, 1908) aristotelia modulatrix meyrick, 1938 aristotelia molestella (zeller, 1873) aristotelia monilella barnes & busck, 1920 aristotelia montarcella a.