Correct spelling for CONCENTATION

We think the word concentation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for concentation

  • Consecration(Definition of consecration)
  • The corrigiumcula was the scourging bell, while the sweet-toned nota, a choir bell, was rung at the consecration of the elements.

  • Cancellation(Definition of cancellation)
  • Independence: none (part of the kingdom of the netherlands; in 1990, aruba requested and received from the netherlands cancellation of the agreement to automatically give independence to the island in 1996)

  • Concentrating
  • Schofield replied encouragingly, dismounted one of his orderlies and gave the horse to lyon, when they separated, each to lead a regiment it was now 9 o'clock, or little after, and there was a lull in the fight, during which time the enemy seemed to be reorganizing his force, and lyon began concentrating his into a more compact form on the crest of the ridge.

  • Consultation(Definition of consultation)
  • He held a hurried consultation with the owner; then some one placed a revolver against the poor beast's head; there was a loud report, a convulsive kick, and the noble racer lay dead on the field he had striven so hard to win.

  • Consternation(Definition of consternation)
  • Monsieur courbichon was dumfounded, and gazed with an air of consternation at the pieces of the cane.

  • Confrontation(Definition of confrontation)
  • The very scenes of short speeches, of objurgation or sententious repartee, which cannot but have for us an element of the grotesque, must have been as pleasing as they were to the greek audience, from the fact that they brought to sharpest vision the confrontation of the two antagonists.

  • Convention(Definition of convention)
  • Escaping from england, he went to france, where he was elected to the convention.

  • Incantation(Definition of incantation)
  • Because he knew a part of the incantation and was born on sunday, he conjectured that the glassmanikin would surely show himself.

  • Concentration(Definition of concentration)
  • To do this we wait till the growth is considerably advanced, and then add a large quantity of liquid to the nutrient solution so as to diminish the concentration a hundredfold or more.

    And I can't deal with concentration, Give me tongues and stimulation,

    – Vacation by Sofie
  • Concentrations
  • On these premises, to be merely equal in total magnitude, the coastwise flights must exhibit, depending on the particular situation, from five to 130 times the concentrations observable among trans-gulf migrants.

  • Conservation(Definition of conservation)
  • They knew little, if anything, about the country, and one day in conservation one of us suggested that we form a company and do our work on the syndicate plan, each man to share and share alike.

  • Condensation(Definition of condensation)
  • Of hot-dried peat-gwynne's method; exter's method 121 elsberg's process 125 b. condensation without pressure 127 a.

  • Conception(Definition of conception)
  • 44-5; from the conception of mongan.

  • Constitution(Definition of constitution)
  • We must, nevertheless, blaze a rough footpath through the jungle of scientific theories, and, at the outset, put on record our opposition to that school of scientific workers who deny to man a supersensuous constitution.

  • Indentation(Definition of indentation)
  • If we scrambled along the coast beyond mousehole we should come to lamorna cove, a deep indentation filled with scrub-bush and small trees.

  • Conciliation(Definition of conciliation)
  • What arbitration and conciliation had failed to do, his hypnotic oratory achieved.

  • Continuation(Definition of continuation)
  • At the waterfall's base shimmered a wide pool, whence emerged the continuation of the deep fast-flowing stream before her.

  • Contention(Definition of contention)
  • "to suggest otherwise is to admit the possibility of a son being the superior of his own father, and to what a discordant state of things would that contention lead!

  • Confutation(Definition of confutation)
  • Since the confutation, in the manner indicated, had been presented as the emperor's final verdict upon the augsburg confession the lutherans were compelled to declare themselves.

  • Concatenation(Definition of concatenation)
  • The anthropological explanation, given most fully by andrew lang in his admirable introduction to addington's translation of apuleius in the bibliotheque de carabas, gives savage parallels from all quarters of the globe to the seven chief incidents making up the tale, but leaves altogether out of account the artistic concatenation of the incidents in the tale itself and does not consider the later complications of the european folk-tales connected with it.

  • Commendation(Definition of commendation)
  • From the republican party the action of the volunteers received unstinted and enthusiastic commendation.

  • Connotation(Definition of connotation)
  • The philosopher, therefore, habitually employs his general names with a definite connotation.