Correct spelling for CRUSIFICTION

We think the word crusifiction is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for crusifiction

  • Gratification(Definition of gratification)
  • Elvire makes short work of his poetic theories, and declares that this professed interest in souls is a mere pretext for the gratification of sense.

  • Clarification(Definition of clarification)
  • This clarification may merely entail a better choice of words or phrases, or it may suggest the use of a meaningful metaphor, analogy, or parable.

  • Reunification(Definition of reunification)
  • Telephone system: germany has one of the world's most technologically advanced telecommunications systems; as a result of intensive capital expenditures since reunification, the formerly backward system of the eastern part of the country has been modernized and integrated with that of the western part domestic: the region which was formerly west germany is served by an extensive system of automatic telephone exchanges connected by modern networks of fiber-optic cable, coaxial cable, microwave radio relay, and a domestic satellite system; cellular telephone service is widely available and includes roaming service to many foreign countries; since the reunification of germany, the telephone system of the eastern region has been upgraded and enjoys all of the advantages of the national system international: satellite earth stations-14 intelsat (12 atlantic ocean and 2 indian ocean), 1 eutelsat, 1 inmarsat (atlantic ocean region), 2 intersputnik (1 atlantic ocean region and 1 indian ocean region); 7 submarine cable connections; 2 hf radiotelephone communication centers; tropospheric scatter links

  • Codification(Definition of codification)
  • Rabbi after rabbi undertook the task, but only the fourth attempt at codification, that made by yehuda the prince, was successful.

  • Justification(Definition of justification)
  • The common people pass him as they pass the elgin marbles-without emotion; but they are aware subconsciously of the cold pure beauty of outline, the absolute fidelity to type, which is the melancholy justification of his existence.

  • Crucifixion(Definition of crucifixion)
  • Opposite the crucifixion is the best of the corridors.

  • Versification(Definition of versification)
  • His unequalled versification is a weapon which he could not exchange for the less pointed tool of prose without losing much of his power.

  • Calcification(Definition of calcification)
  • One is certainly justified, when a man of your age complains of vertigo, in suspecting calcification of the arteries to be the cause of the trouble, since it constitutes the common senile change, and vertigo forms one of its most frequent symptoms.

  • Rustication(Definition of rustication)
  • In classical architecture, ashlar wall surfaces were often contrasted with rustication.

  • Ossification(Definition of ossification)
  • The ossification of the sacrum also has reached its culminating point.

  • Jurisdiction(Definition of jurisdiction)
  • The gentlemen, therefore at the head of this charity, having too many modes of pleasure of their own, to pay attention to this little jurisdiction, disorder crept in apace; some of the lands were lost for want of inspection; the rents ran in arrear, and were never recovered; the streets were neglected, and the people complained.

  • Ramification(Definition of ramification)
  • Further mention may also be made of the great canal called the bahr-yusef, or river joseph, which is important enough to be classed as a ramification of the nile itself.

  • Ratification(Definition of ratification)
  • Many valiant exploits were performed, the town was relieved, and the campaign was concluded by the ratification of a treaty whereby the christians were to enjoy the privilege of visiting jerusalem as pilgrims.

  • Classification(Definition of classification)
  • The realized result, 248 straight to 307 not-straight, is more nearly a 3:4 ratio, due probably to a wrong classification of some of the bow as straight.

  • Purification(Definition of purification)
  • Then he went on to explain the wonderful process of blood purification in the lungs, and demonstrated to her that the breath is continually throwing off foul matter.

  • Crucifixions
  • Thus in nearly all his "crucifixions" the central figure is ignoble in type and expression, and in the "flagellations" of the brera and of morra, is entirely without dignity, even ignominious.

  • Coruscation(Definition of coruscation)
  • The jewel was supported on a delicate spring which vibrated with each step upon the floor, so that there was a constant coruscation of light around it.