Correct spelling for DEACH

We think the word deach is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for deach

  • Dec(Definition of dec)
  • Dec 10. 16 lbs.

  • Dacha(Definition of dacha)
  • He approached the dacha at the point where the line of pine trees came nearest to it. on his belly he watched for ten minutes before making the final move to the side of the house.

  • Beach(Definition of beach)
  • Just as the beach was reached a boat was seen leaving the ship.

  • Dutch(Definition of dutch)
  • They are the descendants of dutch fathers and hottentot mothers.

  • Dea
  • 17; persian, 151; roman, 29. lucian, 13, 14, 34, 104, 115, 119, 122, 201. lucian's de dea syria, authenticity of, 218 n.

  • Dear(Definition of dear)
  • It seems just like yesterday that i was a guest at cro' martin,-poor martin himself so happy and light-hearted; his dear girl, as he called her, full of life and spirits.

    A man he was to all the country dear, And passing rich with forty pounds a year;

    – The Deserted Village, A Poem by Oliver Goldsmith
  • Tech
  • I've jess tuk it out o' the claws o' the ugliest injun as ever made trail on a puraira-that beauty thar, whose karkidge the buzzards won't be likely to tech.

  • Leach(Definition of leach)
  • The man named leach took a long, close survey of the other, and then replied- "i think not, for you are shockingly disfigured.

  • Ditch(Definition of ditch)
  • His horse was thrown into the ditch; he recovered himself, but fell again, coming down heavily upon thom, who was very much hurt, and had to go home instead of going to potarch market next day.

  • Peach(Definition of peach)
  • I will bring you a basketful of apples, chocolates, and a peach or two.

  • Dachau(Definition of dachau)
  • Rosenbusch told them how much trouble he had had in persuading her to wear this dress, for she had obstinately persisted in coming as a dachau peasant-girl, and making a scarecrow of her figure.

  • Decay(Definition of decay)
  • Perhaps history cannot produce an instance of any place in an improving country, like england, where the coarse manufactory of iron has been carried on, that ever that laborious art went to decay, except the materials failed; and as we know of no place where such materials have failed, there is the utmost reason to believe our fore-fathers, the britons, were supplied with those necessary implements by the black artists of the birmingham forge.

    Bends to the grave with unperceiv'd decay, While resignation gently slopes the way;

    – The Deserted Village, A Poem by Oliver Goldsmith
  • Each(Definition of each)
  • If a ship could generate its own electro-gravitic warp it would be able to travel in almost unlimited directions with no time lapse except for pauses at each warp-line crossed.

  • Debauch(Definition of debauch)
  • Whatever he is engaged on, whether business affairs, or a debauch, or repentance thereof, he gives himself entirely to the impression of the moment.

  • Reach(Definition of reach)
  • The young queen, looking out on the unsheltered court which she would have to cross to reach her goal, shrank back, fearing for her elaborately dressed hair, which she did not wish to have done again for the evening festivities.

  • Detach(Definition of detach)
  • Don rodrigo has informed me that the three portuguese ships of the line, which i mentioned to your lordship as preparing for service, will be ready within three weeks to form a junction with any force which his majesty might be pleased to detach, for the defence of portugal; and that two more would be prepared to follow them within a short time after.

  • Teach(Definition of teach)
  • I've got something for you right here at home that'll teach you more than ten law schools.

  • Dash(Definition of dash)
  • One morning, passing through vessory bazar, i was greatly shocked at seeing the nabob's elephant take up a little child in his trunk and dash its brains out against the ground; the only reason that could be observed was, that the child had thrown some pebble stones at it; and the only redress the poor disconsolate mother could obtain was a gift of fifty pagodas from the nabob, which is about equal to twenty pounds sterling.

    Cavi in the bushes, straps in a stash Liquor store run, somebody better make a dash

    – Love 4 Tha Hood by mc eiht
  • Duchy(Definition of duchy)
  • This book is not written by a cornishman, for the very obvious reason that no cornishman could for one instant think impartially of his duchy, any more than you could expect a yorkshireman to believe that the "rest of england" was in any way to be compared with yorkshire.

  • Teacher(Definition of teacher)
  • And fourth,-much the most important society,-the tchaikowskists, founded in 1869 by one tchaikowski, who is now a teacher in london, but was then a student at st. petersburg.

  • Death(Definition of death)
  • John carteret was born april 22, 1690, and was only five years old when the death of his father, the first lord carteret, made him a member of the house of lords.

    And the great bugbear, grisly Death, Shall take this idle breath,

    – An Ode to Master Anthony Stafford, to Hasten him into the Country by Thomas Randolph