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Correct spelling for DEPLY

We think the word deply is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for deply

  • Apply
  • I should not know to whom to apply."

  • Daily
  • She would play with her, and the child soon began to learn a number of indian words, while quabee added daily to her knowledge of the english language.

  • Dally
  • Maitland did not dally long in the levant after getting barton's letter.

  • Damply
  • The wind blew chill over larchley hill, and it couldn't have blown much colder; her nose was blue and her pigtails two hung damply over her shoulder; she might have been ten, or, guessing again, she might have been twelve months older.

  • Dapple
  • I cannot and must not draw sword, as i have many a time before told thee, against anyone who is not a dubbed knight; it is for thee, sancho, if thou wilt, to take vengeance for the wrong done to thy dapple; and i will help thee from here by shouts and salutary counsels."

  • Deadly
  • The stuart prince is in deadly danger, not only from supineness but from treachery.

  • Deal
  • Having satisfied themselves in this sort of their mirth, they proceeded in a more tragical manner, taking the burning coals and sticks, flaming with fire at the ends, holding them near my face, head, hands, and feet, with a deal of monstrous pleasure and satisfaction, and at the same time threatening to burn me entirely if i made the least noise or motion of my body.

  • Dearly
  • It is hardly too much to say that she pulled down her husband's throne to help her co-religionists, and yet in the light of future events it must be gravely questioned whether the progress of catholicism under her protection was not too dearly bought by the terror and hatred which it inspired in the english mind, and whether in the end the church was advanced by her coming into england.

  • Deeply
  • It stood slightly back from the street with ancient dignity; upon the shining door-plate, deeply bitten in angular text, was the name "ashton-kirk."

  • Delay
  • Our host, in apologising for the delay, reminded us that, owing to the multitudinous claims upon sir william's time, it might be impossible for him to avoid being just a little late.

  • Deli
  • During the three years that followed, darya was perfectly sane, but it appeared that my friend, captain alexandrovitch, while quartered at deli musa, in transcaucasia, killed, in a duel, a man named peschkoff, who was her lover.

  • Dell
  • The solitary dell, and the two figures; why, he felt as if blue ribbons were beginning to sprout at his knees; and he feared to turn to his companion lest he should find her with a crook and a kirtle.

  • Deploy
  • Plummer was ordered to deploy his battalion to act as skirmishers on the left, while maj.

  • Depot
  • I expect he's out there by the depot with the busses now, come to meet me in his buggy.

  • Depth
  • Not that, in their fashioning, this fitness for foreign minds is to be a conscious aim; but to be thus attractive and assimilative, is a proof of their breadth and depth-of their high humanity.

  • Deputy
  • Heriot shook off the remnant of his own senseless terror; he tore open the door of the bedroom and shouted to rondeau, who truly was thinking that the citizen-deputy had gone mad: after him!

  • Dimly
  • He saw the faithful old negro but dimly.

  • Dipole
  • Doily
  • Dolly
  • Dopey
  • Dryly
  • Dully
  • Duly
  • Duple
  • Haply
  • Ply
  • Replay
  • Reply
  • Telly
  • Del
  • Then proceeding in english, "pray," said he, showing his fangs, "do not you know that the boca del dragon is a pirate?

  • Dilly
  • You fix it with old jones, and i'll see that dilly keeps his mouth shut.

  • Dimply
  • She had her sleeves rolled up, because her arms were dimply, and she was sweeping crumbs into a dustpan.

  • Della
  • In 1580 and again in 1584 he went to edinburgh, printing several books there in 1584 and 1585. his second visit is said to have been due to trouble which came upon him for printing the spaccio della bestia triomphante of giordano bruno.

  • Deploys
  • It is true that we have detected a continuous advance behind all these rising and receding waves, yet their occurrence is a fact of some interest, and not a little speculation has been expended on it. when the great procession of life first emerges out of the darkness of archaean times, it deploys into a spreading world of strange crustaceans, and we have the age of trilobites.

  • Dept
  • Illustrations of some fine large rings formed by this fungus appeared in circular no. 13 by mr. coville, of the division of botany in the u.s. dept.

  • Depp
  • Abraham depp purchased five or six hundred acres, south of delaware; litchford about the same number of acres nearer columbus; the elder whyte, being a mechanic, purchased only about two hundred acres.

  • Dippy
  • Duopoly
  • More High Brow