Correct spelling for DET

We think the word det is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for det

  • Duet(Definition of duet)
  • In spite of her surprise in hearing another voice complete the duet, agatha went on with the song, half singing, half humming.

  • De(Definition of de)
  • The marquise de tounnerre!

  • Tet
  • The etangs, saint nazaire and leucate, cut the coast line here, and three tiny rivers, whose sources are high up in the mountain valleys of the tech, the tet and the aglay, flow into the sea before cap leucate, the boundary between old languedoc and the comte de roussillon.

  • Jet(Definition of jet)
  • He was a tall, finely formed, stately man, with a roman profile, brown complexion, dark eyes and jet-black hair and beard.

  • Get(Definition of get)
  • Well, they ain't any of 'em goin' to get a look at me.

  • Dem
  • Dem fellers is hungry, and de money vill give dem vun good feed.

  • Ddt
  • Ddt (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloro-ethane) - a colorless, odorless insecticide that has toxic effects on most animals; the use of ddt was banned in the us in 1972.

  • Dec(Definition of dec)
  • Her diets were: dec 12. carbohydrate, 20 grams.

  • Pet(Definition of pet)
  • Oh, how the pet is trembling!

  • Den(Definition of den)
  • I knowed den she warn't 'customed to nuthin'.

  • Dst
  • My best wishes and tenderest regards are your constant attendants and i ever am with the firmest attachment my dst h most sincerely and affectionately yours, "r.s." "james s. tuesday ev.

  • Deb
  • At noon home to dinner, and thence with my wife and deb.

  • Dee
  • Then i'll marry ye the morn, lassie, and loe ye till i dee."

  • Def
  • I mought starve to def afore i can get a boat.

  • Net(Definition of net)
  • You will not net a great pile of money out of it, i suppose?

  • Met(Definition of Met)
  • The master of the hotel, in answer to our enquiries, replied that it was only a party of gentlemen who had met to dine upstairs.

    I was serenely independent and content before we met; Surely I could always be that way again- And yet I've grown accustomed to her look;

    – I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face by Unknown Author
  • Et
  • He never walked about without a revolver in his pocket, and he never came alone down any dark passage; "et il avait raison," as the french said, as he had several pretty narrow shaves with brickbats as it was.

  • Vet(Definition of vet)
  • But in your own home, where a beautiful wife and seven angel children have you dippy and close to the ropes; where the housekeeper gets a rake off, and the cook is red-headed and comes from sligo, and the butler's cousin will bear watching, and the chauffeur is a frenchman, and the coachman's uncle is a harlem vet, and every scullion in the establishment lies, drinks, steals, and supports twenty satiated relatives at your expense.

    ik klim in me bed vergeet je nooit never forget ik dig je mad je wil me echt lik je terecht lekker en fresh met jou is sex simpelweg vet

    – Met Jou by brainpower
  • Dpt
  • Tajikistan agrarian party of tajikistan or apt [amir qaraqulov]; democratic party or dpt [mahmadruzi iskandarov (imprisoned october 2005); rahmatullo valiyev, deputy]; islamic revival party [muhiddin kabiri]; party of economic reform or per [olimjon boboev]; party of economic reforms [mahmadsharif nozimov]; people's democratic party of tajikistan or pdpt [emomali rahmon]; social democratic party or sdpt [rahmatullo zoyirov]; socialist party or spt [mirhuseyn narziev]; tajik communist party or cpt [shodi shabdolov]

  • Debt(Definition of debt)
  • After that time, your debt will be paid.

  • Bet(Definition of bet)
  • "i would have bet anything on it.

  • Yet(Definition of yet)
  • It was there learned, by telegrams received from the department, that no information had yet been obtained as to the movements of the spanish division, but that two swift steamers, lately of the american transatlantic line, had been sent to scout to the eastward of martinique and guadaloupe.

    He never ran a corny line once to me yet So I give him stuff that he'll never forget

    – Whatta Man by en vogue
  • Diet(Definition of diet)
  • No one knew better than she how delightful this change of diet would be; but she quickly put aside her own desire, and said gently, "i'm so proud of you, morton!

  • Dot(Definition of dot)
  • "thank you," said dot.

  • Dew(Definition of dew)
  • While she was absent lady frances felt a cold dew breaking out on her forehead.

  • Edt
  • On a wednesday morning, then, at twelve minutes past nine edt, the pleiades hung poised, high over the chancellery of solar system enterprises, incorporated.

  • Wet(Definition of wet)
  • "'pon my word," he said, hanging up his wet clothes, "i believe those chickadees make me feel good-natured.

    If it ain't dry, it's wet If you ain''t got, you get

    – Gotta Be This Or That by Benny Goodman
  • Dea
  • 49. dea syria, 14, 104. death, life after, 99, 223 n.

  • Let(Definition of let)
  • "now, let go," he said.

  • Deg
  • The water is generally profoundly deep close to the shore; but this fact, which has attracted the attention of most voyagers, seems to have no necessary connection with the presence of reefs; for captain moresby particularly observed to me, that, in latitude 24 deg 10' on the eastern side, there is a piece of coast, with very deep water close to it, without any reefs, but not differing in other respects from the usual nature of the coast-line.

  • Dat
  • Wajer do dat for?

  • Set(Definition of set)
  • All doubt had been set at rest.

  • Dept
  • A curved solid label bordered by a cord, cuts off the upper corners and is inscribed on the left "war" on right "dept."

  • Del
  • The types of all of these species came from the pacific slopes of the sierra del sur in guerrero.

    Olvida lo pasado ya no te acuerdes la del ayer Olvida lo pasado ya no te acuerdes de aquel ayer

    – Cielo Rojo by Vicente Fernandez
  • Deft(Definition of deft)
  • Aunt sheba, praying often audibly, proved by her deft hands that the experience of her long-past motherhood was of service now.

  • Dent(Definition of dent)
  • We found very soon that dent-dale is much more beautiful than that by which we had ascended.