Correct spelling for DONNATING

We think the word donnating is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for donnating

  • Doting(Definition of doting)
  • Yes, notwithstanding the misrule of the brutal and sensual austrian, the doting bourbon, and, above all, the spiritual tyranny of the court of rome, spain can still maintain her own, fight her own combat, and spaniards are not yet fanatic slaves and crouching beggars.

  • Daunting(Definition of daunting)
  • It is true that i see things in other lives which look as if those hands were wantonly cruel, hard, unloving; but i reflect that i cannot see all the conditions; i can only humbly fall back upon my own experience, and testify that even the most daunting and humiliating things have a purifying effect; and i can perceive enough at all events to encourage me to send my heart a little farther than my eyes, and to believe that a deep and urgent love is there.

  • Dating(Definition of dating)
  • Indeed, there seems to have been some hereditary tradition of the kind dating from a much earlier generation; long, in fact, before the ghibeline name had been heard of.

  • Denoting
  • But these broad designations denoting modern nationalities are not used in asia by the people themselves, to whom such a conception is foreign.

  • Connoting(Definition of Connoting)
  • Tell it to the marines" is a catchphrase, originally with reference to britain's royal marines, connoting that the person addressed is not to be believed ("tell it to the marines because the sailors wont believe you").

  • Detonating(Definition of detonating)
  • Arrest of la sahla-my visit to him-his confinement at vincennes- subsequent history of la sahla-his second journey to france- detonating powder-plot hatched against me by the prince of eckmuhl -friendly offices of the duc de rovigo-bugbears of the police- savary, minister of police.

  • Tenanting
  • Dinning
  • Maa’edah (مائدۃ) – meals taken together by family or community members in a single big plate: this big dinning plate is also called "thaal" in which special bohra dishes is served collectively and all those sitting around it on the floor takes their meals together.

  • Tinting(Definition of tinting)
  • Donning
  • Finally, donning his garments, he stretched himself across the threshold, and the congregation passed out over his body, some kicking it in pious loathing, some trampling on it viciously.

  • Dentin(Definition of dentin)
  • The method used to calculate the age of a beluga is based on counting the layers of dentin and dental cement in a specimens teeth, which were originally thought to be deposited once or twice a year.

  • Downing(Definition of downing)
  • So home and fell a writing the characters for mr. downing, and about nine at night mr. hawly came, and after he was gone i sat up till almost twelve writing, and-wrote two of them.

  • Denting
  • Her armor belt was hit twice during the fight: first in the starboard gangway by one of alabamas 32-pounder shells that cut the chain armor, denting the hull planking underneath, then again by a second 32-pounder shell that exploded and broke a link of the chain armor, tearing away a portion of the deal-board covering.

  • Donation(Definition of donation)
  • To this end a donation was inclosed.

  • Donating
  • Other forms of alms-giving in hinduism includes donating means of economic activity and food source.

  • Tenting(Definition of tenting)
  • Dotting(Definition of Dotting)
  • In the center, like a giant grapefruit, hung the planet algon-a world of water with a few islands dotting the surface of an ocean-while anchored in space, some hundreds of miles above, lay a small satellite.

  • Dentine(Definition of dentine)
  • Bowers peak carnes crag coesite crown hill half black peak hoshko glacier hunter glacier husky pass johnstone glacier linder glacier mackinnon glacier mount bernstein mount edixon mount lugering orr glacier reilly ridge rowell peak sledgers glacier zenith glacier molar massif main article: molar massif canine hills dentine peak evison glacier husky pass incisor ridge leap year glacier tobogganers icefall wisdom hills posey range main article: posey range graveson glacier mount draeger mount mulach smithson glacier other features adams ridge astapenko glacier barber glacier black glacier carryer glacier centropleura spur champness glacier copperstain ridge curphey peaks dow peak edlin névé flensing icefall frolov ridge gambone peak gannutz glacier gateway hills griffith ridge helix pass ian peak irwin glacier lillie glacier markinsenis peak mccann glacier mckenzie nunatak mclin glacier montigny glacier mount ashworth mount belolikov mount bradshaw mount bruce mount cantello mount dergach mount freed mount gow mount jamroga mount janus mount keith mount nagata mount overlook mount radspinner mount shearer mount soza mount verhage mount wodzicki platypus ridge rosenau head sledgers icefall stanwix peak stuhlinger ice piedmont van loon glacier

  • Decanting
  • He is unusually short for an alpha; an alleged accident with alcohol in bernards blood-surrogate before his decanting has left him slightly stunted.

  • Dunning(Definition of Dunning)
  • The captain gave but one hasty glance in the direction pointed to by captain dunning, and next moment he was over the side of the ship, and the boat was flying swiftly towards his vessel.

  • Dominating(Definition of dominating)
  • He had, too, about him an assurance and dominating personality which, although it made her a little afraid of him, only added to his attractiveness.