Correct spelling for GREELY

We think the word greely is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for greely

  • Green(Definition of green)
  • The eyes gleamed green.

  • Greet(Definition of greet)
  • Pansy ascended the steps and paused, looking with wistful eyes at the great lady who was to be her mother, but who did not even greet her.

  • Cruel(Definition of cruel)
  • "madonna, you are over-cruel," i cried out, wounded to the very soul of me.

    And at times it can be cruel It can treat you like a stranger It can treat you like a fool But tonight I wanna hold you

    – Love In The Natural Way by Kim Wilde
  • Growl(Definition of growl)
  • But you needn't growl about it.

  • Greed(Definition of greed)
  • To this end let us declare war on all meanness, snobbishness, petty or great jealousies, all forms of injustice, all forms of special privilege, all selfishness and all greed.

  • Greatly(Definition of greatly)
  • She answered without seeing me, that the journey having greatly tried her she had slept a little later than usual, but that she would get up immediately if i would excuse her for a short time.

  • Greek(Definition of greek)
  • Then the greek did something unusual.

  • Greenly(Definition of greenly)
  • Mrs. irvin started, and her eyes turned instantly in the direction of the greenly draped wall before her. her pupils had grown suddenly dilated, and she clenched her hands tightly.

  • Gravely(Definition of gravely)
  • Then more gravely: "you shall have your way once more.

  • Grill(Definition of grill)
  • Privately i fancied not, yet i forbore to say this or to prolong the painful interview, particularly as i was due at the united states grill.

  • Freely(Definition of freely)
  • I was half beside myself, and only begged him to let me speak to you freely."

  • Creel(Definition of creel)
  • The bass and the trout, and the wall-eyed pike, the pickerel and muskalonge, have each and all been lost or won as i caused them to race or plunge, i'm the sportsman's friend, and a foeman bold, and i've filled full many a creel; for what would the fisherman's luck be worth without the song of the reel?

  • Greeley
  • Two days before the first meeting at ripon he wrote mr. greeley a strong letter, urging him to publish an editorial and adopt the name.

  • Grey(Definition of grey)
  • And besides, there's madame grey will be wanting me by this time.

  • Merely(Definition of merely)
  • They are merely odd.

  • Greer
  • Time was not so long ago when injun bands was coming and going, and although old greer is beginning to be sprinkled up with settlers, here and there, i can't get over the feel of the old times.

  • Greedily
  • I fought my way to him, and i drank my doom greedily enough."

  • Gruel(Definition of gruel)
  • It's sink or swim with me, and if you can't help me-oh, i'd take my gruel without whining, if it wasn't for di!

  • Grimly(Definition of grimly)
  • The young englishman smiled upon them grimly.

  • Grisly(Definition of grisly)
  • The white hands removed the mask, and the floating coils of hair, and revealed, to sir norman's horror-struck gaze, the grisly face and head, and the hollow eye-sockets, the grinning mouth, and fleshless cheeks of a skeleton!

  • Rely(Definition of rely)
  • One pledge of a bourbon with another bourbon the world could always rely upon-the pledge to maintain a common interest and gratify a common ambition.

  • Cruelly(Definition of cruelly)
  • Oh, tom, you do not know how cruelly it hurts me!"

  • Greedy(Definition of greedy)
  • He thought of nothing but land; he was land-greedy, like an animal that sought to escape its padlock.

  • Gretel
  • Gretel hid her face in her mother's lap, and tried not to cry.

  • Reel(Definition of reel)
  • Among her love-inspiring qualities, she sung sweetly; and it was her favourite reel to which i attempted giving an embodied vehicle in rhyme.

  • Grail(Definition of grail)
  • I sware a vow before them all that i, because i had not seen the grail would ride a twelvemonth and a day in quest of it, until i found and saw it, as the nun my sister saw it; and galahad sware the vow, and good sir bors, our lancelot's cousin sware, and lancelot sware, and many among the knights, and gawayn sware, and louder than the rest.