Correct spelling for GULITER

We think the word guliter is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for guliter

  • Glitter(Definition of glitter)
  • The moonlight fell over her face like a veil of silver, and on her eyelashes was a glitter of tears.

    Micro love, you're shattered dreams and glitter The shuffle, shaking shiver

    – Rippin' Up The Disco by Kylie Minogue
  • Coulter(Definition of coulter)
  • But why should mr. coulter send a christmas basket to us?

  • Clutter(Definition of clutter)
  • Things were always "in a clutter."

  • Guitar(Definition of guitar)
  • Suddenly, soft and sweet on the clear night air he heard the notes of a guitar, then a tenor voice, well trained, rich and melodious.

    We'll that's not true, I've got a bed and a guitar And a dog named Dog who pisses on my floor

    – Linoleum by nofx
  • Gustier
  • Glide(Definition of glide)
  • Are they so absorbed in each other as not to observe the apparition which presents itself for an instant at the drawing-room door, only to glide away immediately?

  • Juliet
  • Gutter(Definition of gutter)
  • Guilt(Definition of guilt)
  • All other sins have been pure misfortunes; his alone was guilt.

    Imperial: but some roof of wildwood tree, Too mean for sceptre's heft or swordblade's hilt. Some low sweet roof where love might live, set free From change and fear and dreams of grief or guilt;

    – A Dialogue by Algernon Charles Swinburne
  • Kilter(Definition of kilter)
  • Gaiter(Definition of gaiter)
  • And what to do with the gaiter?

  • Goiter(Definition of goiter)
  • It has been asserted that certain diseases, not necessarily causing death, are caused by hard water, as calculus, cancer, goiter, and cretinism; but, as already pointed out in chapter ii, no satisfactory proof has ever been established.

  • Gullet(Definition of gullet)
  • Another one, who had his throat pierced through, and nose cut off close underneath the brows, and had no longer but a single ear, staying to look in wonder with the others, before the others did his gullet open, which outwardly was red in every part, and said: o thou, whom guilt doth not condemn, and whom i once saw up in latian land, unless too great similitude deceive me, call to remembrance pier da medicina, if e'er thou see again the lovely plain that from vercelli slopes to marcabo, and make it known to the best two of fano, to messer guido and angiolello likewise, that if foreseeing here be not in vain, cast over from their vessel shall they be, and drowned near unto the cattolica, by the betrayal of a tyrant fell.

  • Glister(Definition of glister)
  • There the doctor must be presently fetcht, and according to what he pleases to order, either a glister must be set, or some other physick taken for it.

  • Liter(Definition of liter)
  • Guilder(Definition of guilder)
  • [85] doits are copper coins of endless variety, demonetised more than half a century ago but still used by the natives almost exclusively and to the prejudice of the legal "cent", the hundredth part of the "guilder" or legal unit of the dutch east indian currency, notwithstanding the government's efforts (on paper) through the medium of financial geniuses, whose name is legion and whose practical performance is nihil, to put the monetary system and colonial finance in general on a firm, workable basis.

  • Guider(Definition of Guider)
  • But scarce again his horn he wound, when lo! forth starting at the sound, 320 from underneath an aged oak, that slanted from the islet rock, a damsel guider of its way, a little skiff shot to the bay, that round the promontory steep 325 led its deep line in graceful sweep, eddying, in almost viewless wave, the weeping willow-twig to lave, and kiss, with whispering sound and slow, the beach of pebbles bright as snow.

  • Gilder(Definition of gilder)
  • It is not credible that van gilder, who was a personal and intimate friend of grimm, would leave him when he was mortally wounded, to walk half a block alone and unaided.

  • Guilty(Definition of guilty)
  • I am all the more guilty that you never concealed your fears from me.

    Let me be crazy I'm not guilty You can trust in me Please dance with me

    – Baby (Dance With Me) by Reead
  • Quilter
  • Glider(Definition of glider)
  • The landing was worse than the take-off, a truism which has held since the first glider took off from the surface of earth in the nineteenth century.