Correct spelling for HI

We think the word hi is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for hi

  • Hiv
  • Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (hiv/aids) is a spectrum of conditions caused by infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (hiv).

  • Hq
  • Produce the generating line hq to meet the principal planes of the confocal system in v, t, p; these will also be fixed points on the generator; and putting

  • Ci
  • "citizen laporte," the captain concluded, "knows for a certainty that the ci-devant marquise and her brat are still there, even if the marquis has fled like the traitor that he is.

  • H(Definition of H)
  • 2300. inns: h. nord; europe.

  • Hi(Definition of hi)
  • Hi yi yi yi!"

    Hang up the phone wen mi guh fi say hi And wen me ask you, you wah ask lie (wah ask lie boy) (Oh and I) When me deh down at the laundromat

    – Why'd You Lie by Brick & Lace
  • Hip(Definition of hip)
  • One might have used any of the footprints for a hip-bath.

    And he looks pretty hip You got you one on the sly But you gave him the slip And that's just a cryin' shame.

    – Cryin' Shame by Lyle Lovett
  • Ni
  • Y dezia que si el los tuuiesse presos, no se le daria vn clauo por su sentecia, ni firmas.

    Togiresou na hodo toumei na koe ni Aruki-dashita sono hitomi e

    – Niji by L'arc-En-Ciel
  • Hf(Definition of hf)
  • Tygre, s. tiger, a 1677, e 1199, f 419, 543; b 3. p 8. 21; tygres, gen. pl. hf. 1459.

  • He(Definition of he)
  • He glanced about him.

    Oh no - not he How you can accuse him is a mystery Save him - take me Benjamin is straighter

    – Joseph Megamix by Unknown Author
  • Hz
  • Ultrasonic anemometers can take measurements with very fine temporal resolution, 20 hz or better, which makes them well suited for turbulence measurements.

  • Ri
  • When the sun was high in the east they went forth to the chase; sometimes it was to hunt the ard-ri, and at others it was in pursuit of dermot of the bright face.

  • Si(Definition of si)
  • "oh, hit's si johnson?

    desde el fondo del corazoncito, y dime si tu me amas y desde el fondo de tu alma, y dame un beso d esos k juegan con mi esperanzaaaaa

    – Dime Que Me Quieres by Andy Y Lucas
  • Mi(Definition of mi)
  • N and 2 mi.

    Snitches a sell mi out like they wanna see mi On COPS, America's Most Wanted or Court TV

    – Five-O (Remix) by elephant man
  • Ha(Definition of ha)
  • And just so shall all others perish who dare cast an evil glance towards-ha!"

    Heh-Huh ha-ha ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    – The Remedy by authority zero
  • Vi
  • "i guess vi is afraid you won't have enough," laughed mrs. bunker.

  • Hui
  • Calendar of saints (episcopal anglican church of brazil) calendar of saints (anglican church of burundi) c calendar of saints (anglican church of canada) calendar of saints (church of the province of central africa) calendar of saints (anglican church in central america) calendar of saints (church of ceylon) calendar of saints (church of the province of the congo) calendar of saints (episcopal church of cuba) e calendar of saints (church of england) f calendar of saints (parish of the falkland islands) h calendar of saints (hong kong sheng kung hui) i calendar of saints (church of north india) calendar of saints (church of south india) calendar of saints (church of the province of the indian ocean) calendar of saints (church of ireland) j calendar of saints (anglican communion in japan) calendar of saints (episcopal church in jerusalem and the middle east) k calendar of saints (anglican church of kenya) calendar of saints (anglican church of korea) l calendar of saints (lusitanian catholic apostolic evangelical church) m calendar of saints (macedonian church in macedonia emily) calendar of saints (church of the province of melanesia) calendar of saints (anglican church of mexico) calendar of saints (church of the province of myanmar) n calendar of saints (church of nigeria) p calendar of saints (church of pakistan) calendar of saints (anglican church of papua new guinea) calendar of saints (episcopal church in the philippines) r calendar of saints (episcopal church of rwanda) s calendar of saints (scottish episcopal church) calendar of saints (church of the province of south east asia) calendar of saints (anglican church of southern africa) calendar of saints (anglican church of the southern cone of the americas) calendar of saints (spanish reformed episcopal church) calendar of saints (episcopal church of the sudan) t calendar of saints (anglican church of tanzania) u calendar of saints (church of the province of uganda) calendar of saints (episcopal church) - episcopal church in the united states of america w calendar of saints (church in wales) calendar of saints (church of the province of west africa) calendar of saints (church in the province of the west indies)

  • Ti(Definition of ti)
  • "yes; now spell ti," added willie.

  • Hs
  • Den haag hs (english: the hague hs), an abbreviation of the original name den haag hollands spoor (the hague hollands rail), is the oldest train station in the hague, netherlands, located on the amsterdam–haarlem–rotterdam railway.

  • Him(Definition of Him)
  • "yes; for him, mellersh.

  • Hit(Definition of HIT)
  • When he learns i have a base here, he'll hit it, sooner or later.

  • Li(Definition of li)
  • Li fong, you are going to die!

    Gu shi mei bu mei li Kan ni xiang bu xiang xin Cong ming de ren huai yi Ke shi ming ming zai xin li

    – Tong Hua Hai Bu Gou Mei Hao by F4
  • Gi
  • 332 : knife : gi, gi-turik : -.

  • Hg
  • A systolic blood pressure of less than 90 millimeters of mercury (mm hg) or diastolic of less than 60 mm hg is generally considered to be hypotension.

  • Ht
  • This was a precursor of the modern use of individual plug-top coils, where each cylinder has its own coil, thus avoiding the need for a ht distributor.

  • Chi
  • My quarters were one morning suddenly invaded by a young romany girl, who advanced towards me, after closely scanning me, singing a gipsy song: the romany chi and the romany chal shall jaw tasaulor to drab the bawlor, and dook the gry of the farming rye.

  • Hie(Definition of hie)
  • She gae'd awa' when winds were hie, when the deein' year was cauld, an noo the young year seems to me a waur ane nor the auld.

  • Hid(Definition of Hid)
  • So i hid it.

  • Bi(Definition of bi)
  • He did not see it, but he knew ka-bi-gat' cut off his son's head by striking with her pip-i'.

  • His(Definition of His)
  • Not that jack looked like his father.

  • Hr
  • July 15. hr. johann wolfgang von goethe, grand ducal privy councillor of weimar, etc., etc., in the gold.

  • Hm
  • "hm," muttered harley, as we paced slowly on amid the rose trees.

  • Phi
  • When the man had gone, phi sat down upon an up-ended ice-cake to rest and think.

  • Ai(Definition of ai)
  • Again cui ai arise and speak essay on hope in classical chinese.