Correct spelling for HUNTEN

We think the word hunten is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for hunten

  • Clear-Headedness
  • Redburn, on account of his clear-headedness and business tact, had full charge of both mines, the "general" working under him in the shaft, and fearless frank in the quartz mine.

  • Hunting(Definition of hunting)
  • The chief having returned from an extended hunting excursion, was pleased to find himself once more beneath his paternal roof.

  • Haunter(Definition of Haunter)
  • This dusky haunter of tall shady trees has not yet learned to be sociable like the phoebe; but while it may not be so much in evidence close to our homes, it is doubtless just as common.

  • Hunts
  • My grandfather is continually travelling from one to another of his estates, seldom varying the round; uncle karl by turns hunts lions in the soudan and walruses at the north pole; and in their other eccentricities the brothers are very different.

  • Hunters
  • Not i. hunters can bear more than that, i guess.

  • Haunting(Definition of haunting)
  • As ralph looked out over the not too fruitful fields which his father had reclaimed from the waste with such infinite toil, and at the sacrifice of all his savings, he forgot the fair face of dorothy hamblyn, which had been haunting him all the way back, and remembered only the iron hand of her father.

  • Hunter(Definition of hunter)
  • That"-and hunter smiled-"didn't seem worth while."

  • Lenten(Definition of lenten)
  • After that, the popular interest in the lenten sermons had flagged a little.

  • Hinted
  • He touched the young playwright on the arm, a gesture that hinted affection.

  • Hinting
  • It was mr green who had been hinting to harry something you remember; you read it to us the other morning."

  • Hasten(Definition of hasten)
  • On the afternoon of which we write she was as usual at the house, and though the sun went down she did not hasten back, for her patient, she said, was sure to sleep, and even if she woke she did not need much care.

  • Hutton(Definition of hutton)
  • Just before he died mr. hutton made me promise not to write anything whatever about him in the spectator, and though i am not sure that he meant that promise to extend to what i might wish to write elsewhere, i have always felt myself to be under a general and not merely a particular obligation of silence.

  • Haunted(Definition of haunted)
  • Redlaw, in the haunted man, said to the poor boy who came to his room: "what is your name?"

  • Hunt(Definition of hunt)
  • That is, did nobody help you hunt?"

  • Hinton
  • Only queen's girls were there, except mabel hinton, and there was a good deal of fun at the expense of caroline brinton of philadelphia.

  • Hunted(Definition of hunted)
  • "yes, they will do so when driven by hunger; but they were hunting then and not being hunted.

  • Huntley
  • I am very deeply obliged to you for your kindness, mr. huntley," she said, hanging the receiver in its place.

  • Huston
  • Elkhart, 13.25; s. m. cummins, for primary sch., mcintosh, ga. , 5; miss huston, clothing for pleasant hill, tenn.

  • Suntan(Definition of suntan)
  • Clopton red' ('cox's orange pippin × unknown) cobra' ('cox's orange pippin' × bramleys seedling) downton pippin' ('cox's orange pippin' × 'golden pippin) dukat' ('golden delicious' × 'cox's orange pippin') or ('geheimrat doktor oldenburg' × 'cox's orange pippin):538 dunning (coxs orange pippin × mcintosh) eden (john standish × cox’s orange pippin) edith hopwood (coxs orange pippin × unknown) ellison's orange (cox's orange pippin × calville blanc dete) elstar (golden delicious × coxs orange pippin) fiesta (coxs orange pippin × idared) francis (coxs orange pippin × unknown) freyburg (coxs orange pippin × golden delicious) gloucester cross (coxs orange pippin × unknown) golden nugget (golden russet × coxs orange pippin) hereford cross (coxs orange pippin × unknown) herefordshire russet (coxs orange pippin × idared) high view pippin (sturmer pippin × coxs orange pippin) holstein (coxs orange pippin × unknown) ingrid marie (coxs orange pippin × guldborg) james grieve apple (cox's orange pippin × potts seedling) jupiter (coxs orange pippin × starking delicious) karmijn de sonneville (coxs orange pippin × jonathan) kent (coxs orange pippin × jonathan) kidd's orange red (coxs orange pippin × red delicious) king george v (coxs orange pippin × unknown) langley pippin (coxs orange pippin × gladstone) laxton's advance (coxs orange pippin × gladstone) laxton's epicure (wealthy × coxs orange pippin) laxton's exquisite (cellini × coxs orange pippin) laxton's fortune (coxs orange pippin × wealthy) laxton's pearmain (coxs orange pippin × wyken pippin) laxton's superb (wyken pippin × coxs orange pippin) laxton's triumph (king of the pippins × coxs orange pippin) lynn's pippin (cox's orange pippin × ellisons orange) meridien (coxs orange pippin × falstaff) merton beauty (ellison's orange × coxs orange pippin) merton charm (mcintosh × coxs orange pippin) merton russet (sturmer pippin × coxs orange pippin) merton worcester (coxs orange pippin × worcester pearmain) millicent barnes (gascoyne's scarlet × coxs orange pippin) nuvar cheerful gold (coxs orange pippin × golden delicious) nuvar freckles (golden delicious × coxs orange pippin) orangenburg (coxs orange pippin × esopus spitzenburg) pixie (coxs orange pippin × sunset) polly prosser (coxs orange pippin × duke of devonshire) prince charles (lord lambourne × coxs orange pippin) prins bernhard (jonathan × coxs orange pippin) red windsor (coxs orange pippin × alkmene) rival (peasgood's nonsuch × coxs orange pippin) rosy blenheim (blenheim orange × coxs orange pippin) rubens (coxs orange pippin × unknown) rubinette (golden delicious × coxs orange pippin) ruby (thorrington) (coxs orange pippin × unknown) saint cecilia (coxs orange pippin × unknown) saint everard (coxs orange pippin × margil) sunburn (coxs orange pippin × unknown) suntan (coxs orange pippin × court pendu plat) sunset (coxs orange pippin × unknown) sweetie darling/east malling a 3022 (coxs orange pippin × northern spy) tydeman's late orange (laxton's superb × coxs orange pippin) tydeman's october pippin (cox's orange pippin × ellisons orange) william crump (coxs orange pippin × worcester pearmain) winter gem (coxs orange pippin × grimes golden) winston/winter king (coxs orange pippin × worcester pearmain)

  • Hansen
  • You git a bottle of booze for that, hansen, all for yore own scandinavian belly.