Correct spelling for I990

We think the word i990 is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for i990

  • Ir(Definition of ir)
  • Also all those that doth ende in ir, as tenir, uenir, with all them that be dirivate of them: as contenir, maintenir, soubstenir, preuenir, reuenir, paruenir, deuenir, and such lyke, must be all ended in iens, as tiens, viens, contiens,

  • Ci
  • She is a ci-devant.

  • Ti(Definition of ti)
  • So grandfather obediently repeated, william ti trimity, he's a good fisherman; catches his hens and puts them in pens.

  • Ix(Definition of ix)
  • 30-38; keil on 1 kings ix.

  • Ia
  • Te i te huru o taua ohipa ra, e ohipa tiaporo te tumu ia i taua ohipa a tupua ra.

  • Ri
  • "i'm ri-rising all the t-time," said fauntleroy.

  • Mi(Definition of mi)
  • She believed she had frightened hector and madame mi-mi too thoroughly for that, and yet-if he had!

  • Bi(Definition of bi)
  • I fly-bi-bi, you two old-fashioned darlings.

  • Ie
  • Bunch continued to support udt-21s operations for the next few days, retiring nightly to okinawa to anchor, and finally wrapping up post-assault demolition work at ie shima on the 20th.

  • Li(Definition of li)
  • In south car-o-li-na men made tar and pitch out of the pine trees.

  • In(Definition of in)
  • Ay, ay, come in.

  • Gi
  • Gi egem spirta esimiro.

  • Io(Definition of io)
  • Io. by whom shall his imperial sceptred hand be emptied so?

  • Pi(Definition of pi)
  • Kircher says, that pi in the coptic is a prefix, by which a noun is known to be masculine, and of the singular number: and that pa is a pronoun possessive.

  • Iv
  • 2, 6, 21, iv.

  • Old-Fashioned(Definition of old-fashioned)
  • "miss fairfield may not care for the old-fashioned enigma, but i will offer this one," and in her fine, clear voice the old lady recited her verse with elocutionary effect:

  • It(Definition of It)
  • He had had enough of it.

  • Ni
  • He then re-ascended the stream to the city of ni, where he placed another stele, in proof that the boundary of egypt had been extended thus far.

  • Si(Definition of si)
  • Nor ben nor bob nor tom nor si nor george nor tanks nor richie nor pat.

  • Il(Definition of il)
  • "il est mon fils-il est mon fils, curey," presenting me, as he spoke, while the burgomaster, in whose eyes the major seemed no inconsiderable personage, saluted me with profound respect.

  • Wi
  • Jane made no reply, but, drawing the skirt of her gown over her shoulders, she set out for drumlochie, a distance of nearly a mile; and as she went by the corner of the byre, she imagined she heard her grandchild's voice, in great passion or distress, and ran straight into the byre, crying, "what's the matter wi' you, tibby? what ails you, my bairn?" but, receiving no answer, she thought the voice must have been somewhere without, and slid quietly away, looking everywhere, and at length went down to the kitchen.

  • Id
  • Monsieur longcluse, id is nod what it should be!

  • I'm(Definition of I'm)
  • "you know what i'm talking about.

  • Ii
  • 18, 41, 169, 211, 255, 260, 288. beyme, ii.

  • U(Definition of U)
  • "wal, thin, phwat built the u. p.?

  • I'd(Definition of i'd)
  • I'd better go out."

  • Hi(Definition of hi)
  • "hi," he said casually.

    Baby tell me I Just wanna get hi

    – Room 454: DeVante's :Inhermission: by jodeci
  • Vi
  • Vi and laddie seemed to be looking for something.

  • If(Definition of If)
  • Oh, what if he should look and talk so to me!

  • Oi
  • Oi ‘m dhrunk every night.

  • Ai(Definition of ai)
  • Jericho is taken, but at ai defeat is experienced, on account of disobedience.