Correct spelling for KNIOWN

We think the word kniown is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for kniown

  • Nina
  • One of these was the faithful little nina; and on her the weary admiral returned to spain.

  • Known(Definition of known)
  • "and how long has this been known?...

    There's nothing I can recognize; this is nowhere that I've known With no sign of life at all, I guess that I'm alone

    – Cuckoo Cocoon by genesis
  • Nona(Definition of nona)
  • Nona was huddled in a seat, motionless, expressionless.

  • Now(Definition of now)
  • "now, you be off.

  • Own(Definition of own)
  • I had to give up, and own it.

  • Nikon
  • Believers, christians with a religious faith in the divine christ believers (mumin), a term in the quran for muslims believers church, a pentecostalist church russian old believers, a sect who separated from the muscovite orthodox church as a protest against church reforms introduced by patriarch nikon between 1652 and 1666

  • Pinon(Definition of pinon)
  • Down, down we go. the belt of the yellow pine and fir is left behind, and we come to the habitat of the pinon pine and juniper.

  • Kin(Definition of kin)
  • The life in me is a bit of all life, and where i am happiest is where i find that which is next of kin to me, in friends, or trees, or hills, or seas, or beside a flower, when i turn back more than once to look into its face.

    relatives and kin you want to know just where you're going you got to know where you've been

    – God Fearing Man by Ben Harper
  • Ninny(Definition of ninny)
  • They aren't filled up with latin, philosophy, and the rest of that ninny stuff."

  • Know(Definition of know)
  • "'e's myde a mistyke, y' know.

    As we very well know, Under Tudors and Stuarts the City could show

    – Bagman's Dog, The : Mr. Peters's Story by Richard Harris Barham
  • Neon
  • It was announced on february 11, 2014 that neon alley would discontinue its web channel format and transition to become a free on-demand service for those living in the united states.

  • Anon(Definition of ANON)
  • So anon they went away; and then i to read another play, "the custome of the country," which is a very poor one, methinks.

  • Onion(Definition of onion)
  • Her singing-master, a fat and onion-smelling artist recommended very wisely by channing, had been at first enthusiastic about the possibilities of her voice; but recently she had found it difficult to please him.

  • Union(Definition of union)
  • Who was it that saved the union, jawn?

  • Noun(Definition of noun)
  • He rejoices in the daring noun and in the audacious adjective.

  • Renown(Definition of renown)
  • And what robbed cleopatra of the renown of resembling the gods?

  • Ion(Definition of ion)
  • Almost if-if you have not to return to ion to-night.

  • Knows
  • "who knows, mr. mussey?

  • Non(Definition of Non)
  • I was afraid that ellen might become anxious at our non-appearance.

  • Noon(Definition of noon)
  • It was the first open door i had come across since morning-it was past noon now-and it was a sign to me to keep on.

  • Knowing(Definition of knowing)
  • And the yakute, knowing no better, suffered in silence.

    Theirs so many things, I'm not knowing And I can't hang around, in the 1 horse town When my souls tied down, I'm forgoing

    – Can't Hold On by Jimmy Nail
  • None(Definition of none)
  • "none at all, your majesty.

  • Pinion(Definition of pinion)
  • The noise brought two hired men, who were smoking their pipes by the kitchen fire, and they helped darrell to grapple with the maniac and pinion his arms, tying him to a chair.

  • Minoan(Definition of minoan)
  • The crested helmets which occur frequently as signs, the round shields, the fashion of dress of both men and women, and the style of architecture depicted in the hieroglyphic rendering of a house or pagoda, are not minoan; and, on the whole, the evidence seems to point to the disc being the product of some allied culture, perhaps lycian, in which a language closely akin to that of minoan crete was used.

  • Anion(Definition of anion)
  • For example, hcl has chloride as its anion, so the -ide suffix makes it take the form hydrochloric acid.

  • Minion(Definition of minion)
  • From the very fist, he banished out of his chamber a beautiful youth, who was his minion, and also forbade him the entry of his palace.

  • Nine(Definition of nine)
  • "it means that at ten minutes past nine i shall be dead.

  • Bunion(Definition of bunion)
  • A bunion is a deformity of the joint connecting the big toe to the foot.

  • Knew(Definition of Knew)
  • He knew i knew that he knew it.