Correct spelling for KNOOD

We think the word knood is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for knood

  • Nd(Definition of nd)
  • The blue horizon wuz a mine us fellers all thought well uv, and there befell the episode i now perpose to tell uv; 'twuz in the year of sixty-nine-somewhere along in summer- there hove in sight one afternoon a new and curious comer; his name wuz silas pettibone-an artist by perfession, with a kit of tools and a big mustache and a pipe in his possession; he told us, by our leave, he'd kind uv like to make some sketches uv the snowy peaks, 'nd the foamin' crick, 'nd the distant mountain stretches; "you're welkim, sir," sez we, although this scenery dodge seemed to us a waste uv time where scenery wuz already sooper-floo-us.

  • Nod(Definition of nod)
  • From time to time she would glance up at the sky, or at the town below, or at people passing on the road, and then she would nod her head.

  • Knot(Definition of knot)
  • My uniform was white, the vest blue, a gold and silver shoulder-knot, and a sword-knot of the same material.

  • Knob(Definition of knob)
  • Carlin to move forward with his force from pilot knob and attack thompson's main body, which was then in the neighborhood of fredericktown.

  • Kneed(Definition of Kneed)
  • It was the reductio ad absurdum of the reformed religion, when weak-kneed catholics sheltered themselves from its pains and penalties under the fairly secure roof-tree of atheism.

  • Rood(Definition of rood)
  • Rood, o. n., 226 royce, j., 282 runkle, mrs. lucia, 227 s salem, 35, etc.

  • Know(Definition of know)
  • "you know she was.

  • Knots
  • She told me that it was a gray fox-skin, lined with scarlet; that it had great pompadour-coloured knots at each end, and that it was altogether hideous.

  • Nook(Definition of nook)
  • Finally they were pushed and jostled to a quiet nook on the edge of the green, under a tree, and here they sat down.

  • Knotty(Definition of knotty)
  • And it passed away without encountering any knotty questions.

  • Knit(Definition of knit)
  • 151. do you knit for any particular merchant?

  • Mood(Definition of mood)
  • Helen was back in her usual mood of high content.

  • Wood(Definition of wood)
  • Hood(Definition of hood)
  • He did not see "the hood," but ralph walking slowly up the hill.

  • Noddy(Definition of Noddy)
  • Suddenly the bear headed straight for noddy.

  • Nerd(Definition of nerd)
  • Chase: well, you're a nerd who punches like a girl, isnt that a cliché?

  • Note(Definition of note)
  • 148; and m'crie, 65, note 5; knox, iii.

  • Knead(Definition of knead)
  • Therefore i count upon remaining here below a while, and to knead with you this leaven of life that may yield to my subjects an eatable bread.

  • Snood(Definition of snood)
  • Need(Definition of need)
  • It was our friend-our friend in need!

    An all i'll ever need And i realize the deepest cut can take a while to bleed Cause suddenly it hit me she

    – Lonely's To The Bone by Aaron Pritchett
  • Node(Definition of node)
  • As alfred dropped through the opening in the roof, he heard node claw a time or two at the weather-boarding; something seemed to let go, to rip, then, there was a dull sound as of a bag of sand falling from a height to the earth.

  • Noon(Definition of noon)
  • About noon he returned.

  • Snoot
  • Ned
  • The byrnes did not care for the marriage-they were prejudiced against ned on account of his family.

  • Good(Definition of good)
  • If you like them, very good.

  • Nowt
  • "yes," was chorused; "we ain't done nowt o' t' sort."

  • Not(Definition of not)
  • I do not know him.

  • Food(Definition of food)
  • He sat thinking for hours after the food had been given to him.