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Correct spelling for KONOW

We think the word konow is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a definition below each word.

Possible correct spellings for konow

  • Cone
  • Make cone-shaped; "cone a tire".

  • Conn
  • Conduct or direct the steering of a ship or plane.

  • Cony
  • Any of various burrowing animals of the family leporidae having long ears and short tails; some domesticated and raised for pets or food.

  • Gone
  • (euphemistic) "he is deceased"; "our dear departed friend".

  • Goon
  • An awkward stupid person.

  • Juno
  • (roman mythology) queen of the olympian gods who protected marriage; wife and sister of jupiter; counterpart of greek hera.

  • Ken
  • Range of what one can know or understand; "beyond my ken".

  • Keno
  • A game in which numbered balls are drawn and random and players cover the corresponding numbers on their cards.

  • Kin
  • Related by blood.

  • Kine
  • Domesticated bovine animals as a group regardless of sex or age; "so many head of cattle"; "wait till the cows come home"; "seven thin and ill-favored kine"- bible; "a team of oxen".

  • King
  • United states guitar player and singer of the blues (born in 1925).

  • Know
  • Accept (smeone) to be what is claimed or accept his power and authority; "the crown prince was acknowledged as the true heir to the throne"; "we do not recognize your gods".

  • Known
  • Apprehended with certainty; "a known quantity"; "the limits of the known world"; "a musician known throughout the world"; "a known criminal".

  • Kongo
  • The bantu language spoken by the kongo people living in the tropical forests of zaire and congo and angola.

  • Kook
  • Someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group.

  • Kowtow
  • Tray to gain favor by cringing or flattering; "he is always kowtowing to his boss".

  • Mono
  • An acute disease characterized by fever and swollen lymph nodes and an abnormal increase of mononuclear leucocytes or monocytes in the bloodstream; not highly contagious; some believe it can be transmitted by kissing.

  • Now
  • Without delay; with no time intervening; "he answered immediately"; "found an answer straightaway"; "an official accused of dishonesty should be suspended forthwith"; "come here now!".

  • Ono
  • United states musician (born in japan) who married john lennon and collaborated with him on recordings (born in 1933).

  • Snow
  • Conceal one's true motives from esp. by elaborately feigning good intentions so as to gain an end; "he bamboozled his professors into thinking that he knew the subject well".

  • Kan
  • To know; to ken..

  • Knew
  • Of know..

  • Koan
  • A paradoxical annecdote or a riddle that has no solution; used in zen buddhism to show the inadequacy of logical reasoning.