Correct spelling for LCAIC

We think the word lcaic is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for lcaic

  • Locus(Definition of locus)
  • Lacks
  • Brilliant results are not produced by lukewarm sentiments expressed in a voice that lacks enthusiasm.

  • Looks
  • "the short one looks like corporal slaney, who's out after me; and they'll be in before i could catch either of my horses.

  • Lazy(Definition of lazy)
  • "i was standing in the door; he was full; he ought to have been kicked out; you done right; he's a lazy, good-for-nothing scamp, but don't talk to me about him.

    'Cause your love is making me lazy Come on inside, darlin' Drive me crazy

    – Your Love by Michael Bolton
  • Lease(Definition of lease)
  • 12,304. was the lease of burra, under which the islands were then held by messrs.

  • Legacy(Definition of legacy)
  • The two girls were determined to institute a thorough search for the lost legacy, but they foresaw many difficulties in the way.

  • Lucky(Definition of lucky)
  • In fact, when i told him that fanny was to marry another, he had the heartlessness to retort that that was lucky for me.

  • Leak(Definition of leak)
  • The man with the hose began to bind up a leak with a bit of tarpaulin.

  • Logo(Definition of logo)
  • Finally a phantom paintbrush appeared and painted the screen with the shimmering wallaby logo.

  • Lock(Definition of lock)
  • Mr. wesley had left the key in the lock after turning it on the outside: and still whispering to her sister, molly wrenched it round, little by little.

  • Likewise(Definition of likewise)
  • Likewise, ptychohyla schmidtorum could be placed with hyla uranochroa and related species in costa rica.

  • Logic(Definition of logic)
  • By what right or rule of logic can we demand an inexhaustible supply of hope, especially packed in hundredweight crates for export to the british colonies?

  • Lush(Definition of lush)
  • Oh, my fair love, i charge thee, let me out from this gold lush encircling me about; i turn and only meet a pumpkin wall.

  • Laws(Definition of laws)
  • Action was taken against the gaoler, and at a trial at york assizes he was convicted of breaking the laws of his country.

    She'll fix all the laws. She'll be like Santa Claus

    – No One Tells The President What To Do by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
  • Loose(Definition of loose)
  • "wal," ses linkin, "the giascutis is loose."

  • Lies
  • Croce, who has, however, something of the metaphysician and mystic in him, is not in sympathy with this view, for he ridicules the idea that the genesis of aesthetism lies in the desire of the male for the female.

  • Lousy(Definition of lousy)
  • When very numerous, lice are a very serious drain on vitality, fattening is prevented, and in case of exposure to disease the lousy hogs are much more liable to contract and succumb to it.

  • Luck(Definition of luck)
  • "morra, mary, an' good luck t' ye," was my answer.

  • Likes
  • He can do what he likes, if he only keeps other people from knowing it.

  • Legs
  • He was dreadful that night along a-drinkin', an' he slammed her against the wall, an' her poor little hurted legs never grew any more.

  • Lake(Definition of lake)
  • "by klamath lake and rogue river.

    It would be really great if you drowned in a lake Or put a bag over your face and watched you suffocate I'd celebrate at your wake, I'd bake myself a cake 'Cause you're my favorite person that I love to hate

    – Bad Things by wednesday 13
  • Leaks
  • Leaks a little, and one oar has been split and mended, but it's all right for our little use.

  • Locks
  • We got out into the canal and on into the lake and to the atlantic locks, where the process was reversed and we were lowered about 87 feet.

  • Lakes
  • The french critics of the salons had already begun to complain of the stereotyped classical ruins and brown-tree landscapes; they announced that they were weary of "malarious lakes, desolate wastes, and terrible cliffs."

  • Leagues
  • These are the st. pierre, which comes from the west; st. croix, from the eat; the moingona, which is said to run 150 leagues from the west, and forms a junction about 250 below the fall; and the illinois, which rises near the lake michigan, 200 leagues east of the mississippi.

  • Loss(Definition of loss)
  • A real friend is never determined until a test has been made, and this test is usually troublous times, adversity or the loss of a loved one.

  • Look(Definition of look)
  • 13,050. why should they not look to him then?

  • Laughs
  • He was beating the air now deprecatingly with his outspread fingers as he strode around the room, laughing short laughs in his effort to keep back the tears.

  • Loses
  • What'll he do when he loses you?

  • Leg(Definition of leg)
  • And for himself he got at any rate the more continued companionship of cards, who languidly, and, perhaps a younger sir willoughby patterne "with a leg," admired his muscle.

  • Lays
  • Towards his snobs and cads and prigs he is pitiless; he turns his microscope upon them, and with far less mercy than is to be found in a vivisector he lays bare their false hearts, points to their lying tongues, and tears them out without a pang of remorse.

  • Lace(Definition of lace)
  • It was a trousseau one of rich, heavy, yellow silk and old lace and fur.

    Lay out your favorite gown all trimmed with lace It may not cross your mind to wonder how things are without you But if it ever does I saved your place

    – I Saved Your Place by Gene Watson
  • Lack(Definition of lack)
  • "by thunder, suh, i've a good mind to make you smart right proper for your lack of manners, suh!

    My superstitions lack Im just unlucky anyway all of my cats are black Dont let the sun pass you by

    – I Should Have Stayed In Bed by soul asylum
  • Like(Definition of like)
  • "nothing like thought, norah.

  • Log(Definition of log)
  • The log glass measures 28 seconds in time.

  • Laugh(Definition of laugh)
  • But-he mustn't give his friends the laugh on him.

    Bartender give you drinks, you just laugh (He talkin' bout a autograph!)

    – Everyone Nose (All the Girls Standing in the Line for the Bathroom) [Re by n.e.r.d.
  • Alcaic(Definition of alcaic)
  • The alcaic measure was one of the most splendid inventions of greek metrical art. in its best examples it gives an impression of wonderful vigour and spontaneity.

  • League(Definition of league)
  • And when the association finally dissolved not long after, the hanseatic league agreed to present these paintings to henry prince of wales, known, like charles i., to be a lover of art.

  • Losses
  • I informed him, as far as i handsomely could, of our losses, etc.

  • Luggage(Definition of luggage)
  • The polite gentleman, that would have flown for a reticule or a smelling-bottle upon the high seas, won't leave his luggage in the harbour; and the gallantry and devotion that stood the test of half a gale of wind and a wet jacket, is not proof when the safety of a carpet-bag or the security of a "mackintosh" is concerned.

  • Less(Definition of less)
  • 12,770. was that because they lost less time in coming and going to the fishing?

  • Logs
  • It occurs throughout the summer and autumn on dead or rotten logs, stumps, branches, etc.

  • Lose(Definition of lose)
  • 14,803. what did you lose that year?