Correct spelling for LIKW

We think the word likw is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for likw

  • Lilo(Definition of lilo)
  • Lib(Definition of Lib)
  • Oh, you mean de young mist'ess what used to lib here?

  • Lieu(Definition of lieu)
  • In lieu of speaking she uttered a long sigh; and then fitzgerald could hear that she was sobbing.

  • Liken(Definition of liken)
  • Wiki
  • Lila
  • Lime(Definition of lime)
  • Limb(Definition of limb)
  • Lily(Definition of lily)
  • Livy(Definition of livy)
  • Lice(Definition of Lice)
  • The first, or true bird-lice, live on the body of the chicken and eat the feathers and skin.

  • Lii
  • Lifo
  • Lien(Definition of lien)
  • For in his breast not less than thine burn high the flames that deepest shrine, yet his the lowe far deeper lien.

  • Law(Definition of law)
  • Mr. bohlmann told him: "i sbend about dree dousand a year on law und law-babers.

    Kingpin charges and that RICO law Got agents in your spot for them bricks of raw

    – Tattle Teller by Tony Yayo
  • Mike
  • Alike(Definition of alike)
  • Charming, or ugly, to my eyes all are alike!

  • Liq
  • Lite(Definition of lite)
  • Ike
  • Mr. wilmot was indeed better and when he heard ike was in the house he expressed a desire to see him, as he wished to send some word to julia.

  • Ling(Definition of ling)
  • Loki(Definition of loki)
  • Line(Definition of line)
  • Lake(Definition of lake)
  • October 24th, lake in front closed up this morning.

    And you'll find I threw it in a lake, You're a man - You insist I insist on a piece of cake

    – Oklahoma by Bishop Allen
  • Bike(Definition of bike)
  • He threw down the despised hand lawn mower and started for the store, walking, not taking his bike this time.

  • Life(Definition of life)
  • The penalty was forfeit of life and lands.

  • Lino
  • Lin(Definition of lin)
  • Limo
  • Li(Definition of li)
  • He prefers to average sixty li, but if you are very insistent he may go eighty.

    lasciandoti come un fesso li per li ma se sei tu la donna mia dimmi che parte vuoi di me lasciami il tempo per conoscerti

    – Amanti by Toto Cutugno
  • Lima(Definition of lima)
  • Hike(Definition of hike)
  • "oh, we're just out for a hike," she answered.

  • Lit(Definition of lit)
  • Limy(Definition of limy)
  • Biko
  • Helen zille, a white anti-apartheid activist, exposed a police cover-up regarding the death of black consciousness founder steve biko as a reporter for the rand daily mail.

  • Liz
  • Live(Definition of live)
  • Lire
  • Liar(Definition of liar)
  • Why don't you tell him he is a liar and a coward?"

    Liar, liar, liar I buried you with my desire

    – Jesus Forgive Me by concrete blonde
  • Lix
  • Low(Definition of low)
  • Lion(Definition of lion)
  • Lief(Definition of lief)
  • The heroic figure of lief, himself, dreamily and yet with wonderment, looking out upon the newly discovered shore, while with uplifted sword his men are apparently consecrating the new world with a solemn vow of loyalty, some standing on a small boat which is being pushed towards the shore, while others stand knee-deep in the shoal water-the form of the ship or drakkar in the background, the costumes, swords and all the other accessories-constitute a striking and fascinating group.

    Heut ging so richtig alles schief und es gab nix was einfach lief

    – Album: Uuaarrgh! by WIZO
  • Lip(Definition of lip)
  • Link(Definition of link)
  • Lied(Definition of lied)
  • And yet you went to heaven happy because i lied to you and kept on lying to you.

    I could tell that she lied (And a voice said inside)

    – My Girl by Hoodoo Gurus
  • Lido(Definition of lido)
  • Yet with all this warlike activity it was hard to realize the fact of war in italy, to remember that just over the low line of the lido the hostile fleets were looking for each other in the adriatic, that a few miles to the north the attack had begun all along the twisting frontier, that the first caravan of the wounded had started for padua.

  • Lisa
  • Pike(Definition of pike)
  • Lie(Definition of lie)
  • Won't you go with me, and help me lie?"

    Till nature in her final wreck shall lie, And her last groan shall rend the azure sky:

    – To A Lady On The Death Of Her Husband by Phillis Wheatly
  • Licks
  • Lay you two to one jenatzy licks him ruddy well hollow.

  • Ilk(Definition of ilk)
  • "an' the bride's goon was aw shewed ow'r wi' favour, frae the tap doon to the tail, an' aw roond the neck, an' aboot the sleeves; and, as soon as the ceremony was ow'r, ilk ane ran till her, an' rugget an' rave at her for the favours till they hardly left the claise upon her back.

  • Oik
  • Lira(Definition of lira)
  • Kw
  • Electricity: 9,800 kw capacity; 10 million kwh produced, 1,390 kwh per capita (1989)

  • Likes
  • Lew(Definition of Lew)
  • It may have been half an hour earlier or later on other ranches, for lew wee is no petty precisian.

  • Nike(Definition of nike)
  • Lick(Definition of lick)
  • Frankie's eyes grew very large the first time he felt ponto's cold nose on his arm; and he cried, when the great, black creature began to lick his hands and face.

    Haves that have no qualms what arses they lick In taking their pick)

    – Doesn't It make you sick by Gilbert O'Sullivan
  • Liza
  • Luke(Definition of luke)
  • Lid(Definition of lid)
  • Once i was captain of a trunk lid that sailed a frog-pond down in kansas city; and at that time i thought i knew the meaning of pride.

    to leave my life in the way you did (way you did) drop that casket close that lid (drop that casket close that lid)

    – Memories (always) by Trap House Rave!
  • Lbw
  • Overall in test cricket, 54% of boycotts dismissals were by being caught, with lbw and bowled taking 14% and 16% respectively.

  • Liked(Definition of liked)
  • Lina
  • Lies
  • That lies with you.

  • Like(Definition of like)