Correct spelling for LNGER

We think the word lnger is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for lnger

  • Loner
  • Languor(Definition of languor)
  • It was to him as though the very winds were lulled into calm, and a delicious languor stole upon all his senses.

  • Linker
  • Anger(Definition of anger)
  • An expression of anger came into his face.

  • Lounge(Definition of lounge)
  • Lunged(Definition of Lunged)
  • Longer(Definition of longer)
  • Liner(Definition of liner)
  • Luge(Definition of luge)
  • Lingers
  • Logger
  • Lung(Definition of lung)
  • Linger(Definition of linger)
  • Lunge(Definition of lunge)
  • Long(Definition of long)
  • Longueur
  • Lunges
  • Leger(Definition of leger)
  • "i'll be all right in a minute or two," and leger made a little deprecatory gesture.

  • Linage
  • Lugger(Definition of lugger)
  • Lager(Definition of lager)
  • Oh, lovers of your lager beer, drinkers of wine and ale, ye editors and ministers, come listen to my tale, and learn the very slight basis characters are built on, by reading of the fight between fulton and friend tilton.

  • Lang
  • He took a lang spere in his hand shod wi' the metal free, and for to meet the douglas there he rode right furiouslie!

  • Larger
  • That was when he had saved the girl's basket, after a sharp fight with a larger and less honest dog.

  • Longed
  • Lounger(Definition of lounger)
  • Clanger(Definition of clanger)
  • Macrotristria bindalia burns, 1964 (corroboree cicada) macrotristria doddi ashton, 1912 (darwin whiner) macrotristria dorsalis ashton, 1912 (little whiner) macrotristria douglasi burns, 1964 (kimberley whiner) macrotristria extrema (distant, 1892) (western whiner) macrotristria frenchi (distant, 1892) (northern steamer) macrotristria godingi distant, 1907 (tiger cherrynose) macrotristria hieroglyphicalis (kirkaldy, 1909) (derby whiner) macrotristria intersecta (walker, 1850) (corroboree cicada) macrotristria kabikabia burns, 1964 (black cherrynose) macrotristria kulungura burns, 1964 (coastal whiner) macrotristria lachlani moulds, 1992 (far northern cherrynose) macrotristria maculicollis ashton, 1914 (false cherrynose) macrotristria stevewilsoni popple, 2016 (shoalwater cherrynose) macrotristria sylvara (distant, 1901) (green cherrynose) macrotristria thophoides ashton, 1914 (false drummer) macrotristria vittata moulds, 1992 (cape york cherrynose) macrotristria worora burns, 1964 (kimberley whiner) genus neopsaltoda distant, 1910 neopsaltoda crassa distant, 1910 (dark knight) genus psaltoda stål, 1861 psaltoda adonis ashton, 1914 (forest demon) psaltoda antennetta moulds, 2002 (clubbed sage) psaltoda aurora distant, 1881 (red roarer) psaltoda brachypennis moss and moulds, 2000 (phantom knight) psaltoda claripennis ashton, 1921 (clanger) psaltoda flavescens distant, 1892 (golden knight) psaltoda fumipennis ashton, 1912 (smoky sage) psaltoda harrisii (leach, 1814) (yellowbelly) psaltoda insularis ashton, 1914 (lord howe island cicada) psaltoda maccallumi moulds, 2002 (dark sage) psaltoda magnifica moulds, 1984 (green baron) psaltoda moerens (germar, 1834) (redeye) psaltoda mossi moulds, 2002 (little baron) psaltoda pictibasis (walker, 1858) (black friday) psaltoda plaga (walker, 1850) (silver knight)

  • Loge(Definition of loge)
  • Lng
  • Plunger(Definition of plunger)
  • Luger