Correct spelling for MODIFTY

We think the word modifty is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for modifty

  • Modest(Definition of modest)
  • Price, $1.00. the "gunpowder plot" was a modest attempt to blow up parliament, the king and his counsellors.

  • Mortify(Definition of mortify)
  • The duke and duchess suppressed their laughter so as not altogether to mortify don quixote, for they saw through sancho's impertinence; and to change the conversation, and keep sancho from uttering more absurdities, the duchess asked don quixote what news he had of the lady dulcinea, and if he had sent her any presents of giants or miscreants lately, for he could not but have vanquished a good many.

  • Modified(Definition of modified)
  • The force of gravitation has worked on according to its own law; it has been dragging the plant downward all the time, only the vital power in the plant has overcome its force, and modified the result.

  • Modesto
  • C. p. r. r. to modesto, thence by stage to coulterville, bower cave, pilot peak and crane flat.

  • Mediate(Definition of mediate)
  • So you see, prince, the importance of the issue involved! will you consent to mediate this question-a question of such importance to all europe-with my husband?

  • Modifier(Definition of modifier)
  • The modifier should precede the to or follow the verb.

  • Whups
  • Modify(Definition of modify)
  • Mr. henkel, do you wish to modify your previous statements in any way?

  • Motifs
  • There must, however, have been an interchange of examples, as about this time pillow-made lace appeared in italy, and led to the making of the milanese and genoese varieties, and needlepoint motifs appeared amongst the woven network of flanders.

  • Motivate(Definition of motivate)
  • To spread the awareness of the unique contributions of ancient bharat in the development of modern science to motivate young scientists towards greater creativity and originality.

  • Motility(Definition of motility)
  • Bacteria, absorption of n by, 117 acid fast, 84, 209 adaptability, range of, 90 advantage of motility to, 45 aids in isolation of, 197 anaerobic, 32 cause of disease in animals, 30 of souring of milk, 32 cell groupings of, 55 chains of, 38 chemical composition of, 39, 81 elements in, 82 classed as fungi, 37 as plants, 33, 35 definition of, 40 development of, 90 distribution of, 71 energy relationships, 39 environmental conditions for growth, 72 first classification of, 34 drawings of, 20 seen, 19, 33 food relationships of, 39 injurious, 72 isolation of, 194 measurement of, 40, 203 metabolism of, 86 methods of study of, 171 morphology of, 41 motile, 45 nitric, 114 nitrous, 114 nucleus of, 42 occurrence, 71 pathogenic, outside the body, 237 phosphorescent, 111, 112 position of, 37 rate of division, 43 of motion, 45 relation to algae, 33, 37 to elements, 86 to gas and oil, 95 to phosphate rock, 115 to protozoa, 40 to soil fertility, 120 to sulphur deposits, 116 to yeasts and torulae, 37 reproduction of, 37, 55 root tubercle, 86, 87 size of, 37, 40 soil, chief function of, 119 source of n, 102 speed of, 45 spiral, 53 staining of, 204-212 sulphur, 63 thermophil, 75, 77 universal distribution of, 90 in vinegar-making, 99

  • Modifies
  • Man alone modifies his environment by the weapon of science; but not radically; in the end he has to fit himself to it.

  • Modesty(Definition of modesty)
  • Mr. lovelace, but that i know your modesty, or you could give a reason- lovel.

  • Motif(Definition of motif)
  • "earthly enjoyment motif," frau rosamunda calls out, enthusiastically, in a raised voice.