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Correct spelling for MUT

We think the word mut is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a definition below each word.

Possible correct spellings for mut

  • But
  • And nothing more; "i was merely asking"; "it is simply a matter of time"; "just a scratch"; "he was only a child"; "hopes that last but a moment".

  • Cut
  • Reduce in scope while retaining essential elements; "the manuscript must be shortened".

  • Gut
  • The part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus.

  • Hut
  • Temporary military shelter.

  • Jut
  • Something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from a form.

  • Mat
  • Twist together or entwine into a confusing mass; "the child entangled the cord".

  • Mit
  • An engineering university in cambridge.

  • Mot
  • A clever remark.

  • Mst
  • Standard time in the 7th time zone west of greenwich, reckoned at the 105th meridian west; used in the mountain states of the united states.

  • Mt
  • The use of computers to translate from one language to another.

  • Mu
  • The 12th letter of the greek alphabet.

  • Mud
  • Water soaked soil; soft wet earth.

  • Mug
  • A person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of.

  • Mum
  • A state in new england; one of the original 13 colonies.

  • Mus
  • Type genus of the muridae: common house mice; upper incisors have a square-notched tip.

  • Must
  • Be obliged, required, or forced to; "she has to get her driver's license".

  • Mute
  • Deaden (a sound or noise), esp. by wrapping.

  • Mutt
  • An inferior dog or one of mixed breed.

  • Nut
  • Someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction; "a golf addict"; "a car nut"; "a control freak".

  • Out
  • From one's possession; "he gave out money to the poor"; "gave away the tickets".

  • Put
  • Arrange thoughts, ideas, temporal events, etc.; "arrange my schedule"; "set up one's life"; "i put these memories with those of bygone times".

  • Rut
  • Applies to nonhuman mammals: a state or period of heightened sexual arousal and activity.

  • Smut
  • A black colloidal substance consisting wholly or principally of amorphous carbon and used to make pigments and ink.

  • Ut
  • A state in the western united states; settled in 1847 by mormons led by brigham young.

  • Met
  • Of meet.

  • Mun
  • The mouth..

  • Tut
  • Be still; hush; -- an exclamation used for checking or rebuking..