Correct spelling for NAWING

We think the word nawing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for nawing

  • Cawing(Definition of Cawing)
  • The drowsy scent of lime-flowers and mignonette, the cawing of elm-cradled rooks, the hum of bees above, the velvet touch of smooth-shorn grass, and the breathless shadow of motionless green boughs made up one potent and absorbing mood of the charmed senses.

  • Awing(Definition of awing)
  • One the devitts two mavis keeves three friends in need four mavis leaves her nest five barren ways six "dawes" seven wider horizons eight spider and fly nine awing ten "poulter's" eleven mavis's prayer twelve mrs hamilton's thirteen mavis goes out to supper fourteen the sequel fifteen a good samaritan sixteen surrender seventeen springtime eighteen charlie perigal nineteen the moon goddess twenty the way of all flesh twenty-one the awakening twenty-two o love, for delights! twenty-three the curse of eve twenty-four snares twenty-five a new acquaintance twenty-six travail twenty-seven the nursing home twenty-eight miss 'pett's apotheosis twenty-nine the ordeal thirty the "permanent" thirty-one pimlico thirty-two miss toombs reveals herself thirty-three an old friend thirty-four mavis goes to melkbridge thirty-five the valley of the shadow thirty-six a visit thirty-seven mavis and harold thirty-eight mavis's revenge thirty-nine a surprise forty a midnight walk forty-one tribulation forty-two the well-beloved

  • Snowing
  • The thaw of the afternoon was over; it was snowing, and cold blasts blew the flakes against his face, biting his cheeks and chilling his humor, so that when he had trudged the three squares he had to go, he felt the ill-temper which a raw wind invariably produces in one whose moods change with the barometer.

  • Nabbing(Definition of Nabbing)
  • "aye, but spain has got all of america, pretty near, and the french are nabbing the rest," said the pilot doubtfully.

  • Hawing(Definition of Hawing)
  • The words unquestionably do run into each other, in a way that, to our ears, renders it rather unintelligible; but it is contrary to all the rules of sound philosophizing, to confuse the obtuseness of our own senses with the want of any faculty in others; and they have just as good a right to maintain, and to complain of, our inarticulate mode of speaking, as we have of theirs-indeed much more-for monkeys speak the same, or nearly the same, language all over the habitable globe, whereas men, ever since the tower of babel, have kept chattering, muttering, humming, and hawing, in divers ways and sundry manners, so that one nation is unable to comprehend what another would be at, and the earth groans in vain with vocabularies and dictionaries.

  • Thawing(Definition of thawing)
  • So with the glacial avalanches, and the terror of thawing tundra, shaking, treacherous, bottomless.

  • Pawing(Definition of Pawing)
  • She was, however, not quite alone, for her tiny yorkshire terrier sprang on her lap, and after turning round and round, pawing at her frock as though to make a comfortable hollow, settled cosily down.

  • Sawing(Definition of Sawing)
  • He, keg's father, had received his board and room for milking cows and doing chores, and he had sometimes earned as much as three dollars a week after school hours and before breakfast sawing cordwood at seventy-five cents a cord.

  • Naming(Definition of naming)
  • This peak, the highest yet known in the northern continent of america, i feel a sincere pleasure in naming 'mount brown,' in honour of r. brown, esq.

  • Ewing
  • Del ewing was digging into his sea chest, laying out dry clothing and an oilskin coat.

  • Gnawing(Definition of Gnawing)
  • So the eskimo sailed away from their own coast, with a gnawing homesickness at heart, though their lips were silent about it: and when they got to chicago the life was strange with hideous sight and sound, and altogether unbearable: and they longed to get away from it to the sea and the ice and behold again their northern lights, which to the eskimo are the spirits of the dead at play.

  • Swing(Definition of swing)
  • We swing round a curve south-westerly and into a tunnel and out again and up from the plain-up and up-high rocky hills on either side with bushes and trees growing amongst rocks; another pass of lennie, i'd like to call it, on a larger scale.

  • Napping(Definition of napping)
  • There were three or four taxicabs lined up at the curb, their drivers napping in the seats.

  • Jawing(Definition of Jawing)
  • I tells you vot, if you keeps jawing there, atween me and she, i shall vop you, joe,-cos vy?

  • Yawing
  • The ship was yawing again.

  • Owing(Definition of owing)
  • In countries where rinderpest occasionally appears it may be difficult to distinguish between it and malignant catarrh, owing to a general similarity of the symptoms.

  • Nearing
  • Three months after the ship got to sea, when nearing brazil, he tells us that "the disorders in my ship made me think at present that pernambuco would not be so fit a place for me, being told that ships ride there two or three leagues from the town, under the command of no forts; so that whenever i should have been ashore it might have been easy for my discontented crew to have cut or slipt their cables, and have gone away from me, many of them discovering already an intention to return to england, and some of them declaring openly that they would go no further onwards than brazil.

  • Nailing
  • He felt like a man who was nailing his colors to the mast.

  • Waning(Definition of waning)
  • The waning moon was now in meridian and blent with daylight.

  • Nagging(Definition of nagging)
  • Old bucketts with his green goggles; turner with his melancholy face and placid ways; raymond, stern and swart; canker, querulous and "nagging" with his men, but eager for any service; stafford, who won his troop vice the noble-hearted tanner whom we lost among the apaches; wayne, who is loquacity itself whenever he can find a listener, and who talks his patient subaltern almost deaf through the long day marches; and crane and wilkins, who are a good deal together at every halt, and consort more with canker than other captains; and then there is the jolly element that ever clusters around blake, whose spirits defy adversity, and whose merry quips and jests and boundless distortions of fact or fancy are the joy of the regiment.

  • Knowing(Definition of knowing)
  • 12,751. but you came voluntarily to skerries two years ago, knowing that you could fish only for mr. adie there 12,752. why do you object to that now?

    Gracious, Knowing, In me overflowing.

    – After The Music Fades by Shaun Groves
  • Wing(Definition of wing)
  • "well, recently friedrich-august and myself have moved into rooms in the older wing of the palace-rooms that have not been occupied for nearly forty years.