Correct spelling for NEAER

We think the word neaer is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for neaer

  • Nee(Definition of nee)
  • There was no marked paragraph, but she soon discovered the death notice of "abigail winfield, nee weatherby, aged twenty-two."

  • Nether(Definition of nether)
  • In the nether world this trifling dissension might have been expected to bear its crop of violent language and straightway pass into oblivion; but miss peckover's malevolence was of no common stamp, and the scene of to-night originated a feud which in the end concerned many more people than those immediately interested.

  • Leaner
  • The figure was much longer, leaner, and more athletic; the pyjamas, though equally tropical, were comparatively tasteful, being of white with a light lemon-yellow stripe.

  • Nae
  • I can do nae mair for ye.

  • Near(Definition of near)
  • 13,023. your shop is near that of mr. tulloch?

    A lady needn't fear when you are near Your sweet gentility is crystal clear!

    – Jolly Holiday by Unknown Author
  • Neat(Definition of neat)
  • Fields of indian corn, with meadows of the most luxuriant pasture, stretched along the margin of the stream on either hand; whilst the neat wooden houses of the settlers, all of them painted white, and surrounded with orchards and gardens, presented a striking contrast to the boundless forests which formed a background to the scene.

    We had patches on our britches but mamma kept us neat We had food on the table and shoes on our feet.

    – Food on the Table by alabama
  • Kneader(Definition of Kneader)
  • The fontaine, another french kneader, called after its inventor, was first made in 1835.

  • Ne'er(Definition of ne'er)
  • That men should live upon a world like this, uncovered all, left open every night to the broad universe, with vision free to roam the long bright galleries of creation, yet, to their strange destiny ne'er wake.

  • Ne(Definition of ne)
  • And so again i whisked across the marne.

  • Never(Definition of never)
  • 14,251. did you never tell them?

  • Nor(Definition of Nor)
  • Quhair they onsett, ay in thair gaitt, thair is na yet nor dor, thame bydis.

  • Nader
  • Jordan chief of state: king abdallah ii (since 7 february 1999); prince hussein (born 1994), eldest son of king abdallah ii, is considered to be first in line to inherit the throne head of government: prime minister nader al-dahabi (since 25 november 2007) cabinet: cabinet appointed by the prime minister in consultation with the monarch elections: the monarch is hereditary; prime minister appointed by the monarch

  • Sneer(Definition of sneer)
  • Oh, no, there will be no violence,' mr. pomeroy answered with an unpleasant sneer.

  • Nay(Definition of nay)
  • You do not believe-" "nay, you love us all, john.

  • Nears
  • And now the din of battle nears the fort, and sweeps obliquely by: a gleam of hope flies through the half-imprisoned few; they fly to the wall; every eye is strained; it is-it is-the stars and stripes are still aloft!

  • Nair
  • The last time that the fisher of men was seen in strath nair was not of alasdair macleod but of the little child, art macarthur, him that was born of the woman mary gilchrist, that had known the sorrow of women.

  • Noe
  • Oct 23, 1643. noe sighte nor tidings of mr. milton.

  • Netter
  • It can be lifted out of the river, or launched upon it anywhere, without leaving trace; whereas with an ordinary skiff the moorings might be marked, the embarkation observed, and the night netter followed to his netting-place by the watchful water-bailiff.

  • Newer
  • They have peacocks and guinea-hens, and more roses and lilies and larkspurs and foxgloves and narcissus than flowers of any newer sort; and there are great bushes of box and southernwood, that smell sweet as you go by.

  • Meaner
  • The service to which he was called was the christian ministry; and, laying aside every meaner ambition, and indeed every other object, he addressed himself to preparation for this service as the labor of his life.

  • New(Definition of new)
  • He also went with her to drink a draught of new milk.

  • Na(Definition of na)
  • "mamalahoa kanawai o na alii" kamehameha called after them.

  • Neap(Definition of neap)
  • Rises 4 6 neap tide.

  • Neater
  • His beard was much neater and better trimmed than her father's.

  • Knee(Definition of knee)
  • I want to sit on his knee.

  • Nearer(Definition of nearer)
  • We've got to get nearer the boats if we ever make shore.

    Every mile means all of my dreams Are getting a little bit nearer I got Patty on the radio It sure is good to hear her

    – Tennessee in My Windshield by Rebecca Lynn Howard
  • Nah
  • Dee-urra-face that holds soswee tasmile for me, wairyew nah tmine how darrrk the worrrl dwooed be!

  • Ear(Definition of ear)
  • "come along," said one of them in his ear.

  • Neh
  • In order to be fully convinced how much this view of israel, enforced upon the godly men of the old testament, is in contradiction to their own view, the prayer of ezra may still be compared in neh.

  • Neuter(Definition of neuter)
  • A masculine or feminine gender, characteristic of persons, may be substituted for the neuter gender, characteristic of things.

  • Need(Definition of need)
  • Farnum did not need to explain the reasons for his sentiments.

  • Neal
  • Come on, neal, come on, brown-eyes.

  • E'er(Definition of e'er)
  • But, my good friend, pray tell, what can such people e'er meet with that can be truly call'd great?