Correct spelling for NEGIOATED

We think the word negioated is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for negioated

  • Noted(Definition of noted)
  • William johnstone of wamphray, called the galliard, was a noted freebooter.

  • Coated(Definition of coated)
  • The servants brought water and made mud, with which the walls were coated inside, and a week from the day the godjo had been pulled down, prideaux and myself were able to give our house-warming.

  • Negated
  • 2. the revolutionary teachings part company again as to the fashion in which they conceive of the breach of law that helps in the transition from the negated to the affirmed condition.

  • Negate(Definition of negate)
  • The intuition, which is, as i have already pointed out, the feminine counterpart to the imagination, is found, with regard to this particular problem, uttering so frequent and impressive an oracle that to neglect its voice, would be to nullify and negate the whole activity of the intuition and deny it its place among the ultimate energies of vision.

  • Girted
  • The farm was of that character generally described as "openings;" here a clump of oak, beech, and maple trees, there a rich stretch of meadow-land; beyond, a series of hills extending to the uplands, the bases of which were girted with groves, and whose summits were composed of a warm, rich, stony loam, where the golden seas of ripening grain, touched by passing zephyrs, waved and shimmered in the glowing summer sun; while where the river wound along towards the villages below, there was a dense growth of elm, maple, and beech trees, standing there dark and sombre, save where the glintings of sunlight pierced their foliaged armor, like grim sentinels of the centuries.

  • Netted(Definition of netted)
  • Remember how of old we shivered as we slept, coiled up in the corner of our dark log-hut and smothered in skins,-now we shall swing lightly in our netted hammocks under the gossamer leaves of the palm-tree, or the feathery frondage of the ferns.

  • Notated
  • So far from his head did they seem to be located, he failed to take note that upon each were notated scales, warts and abrasions, nails, ossification, which proved them a part of his own corporation.

  • Bigoted(Definition of bigoted)
  • "if you talk that way i shall believe you are more bigoted than the sanctified families you have just described.

  • Negates
  • 1. anarchism is the negation of the state in the philosophy of law: that is, it is that species of jurisprudential doctrine of the state which negates the state.

  • Navigated
  • The rafts would then be separated, and each log of timber, or two or three together at most, would be allowed to make their way as they best could down the fall, till they reached calm water at the foot of it; when they would be again put together, and navigated by the raftsmen guiding them with long poles.

  • Gated
  • For graver offenses a man is imprisoned within the paradise behind the college walls-"gated," the term is.

  • Negotiated
  • Oddly enough, that was in the jewel line-i negotiated the sale of pinkie pell's famous pearl necklace with mademoiselle de longarde.

  • Neighed(Definition of Neighed)
  • The pegs were up; only the burying beetles labored where the stamping chargers had neighed overnight.

  • Goaded(Definition of goaded)
  • I have known young men whose minds were goaded on the question of going to the heathen, like the conscience of a convicted sinner, till a call was presented to some important church; and then they succeeded in laying the subject at once and entirely aside.

  • Negatived
  • In consequence of these perpetual stoppages on the road, the harangues to which she was constrained to listen, and the dreary ceremonies to which she was condemned, it was not until the 1st of february 1601 that marie de medicis reached nemours, where she was met by the king, who conducted her to fontainebleau, at which palace the royal couple made a sojourn of five or six days; and, finally, on the 9th of the month, the young queen entered paris, where the civic authorities were anxious to afford to her a magnificent state reception; a purpose which was, however, negatived by the monarch, who alleged as his reason the enormous outlay that they had previously made upon similar occasions, and who commanded that the ceremony should be deferred.

  • Ligated
  • The physician, in opening a vein, relies on the energetic contractions and sudden relaxations of the muscles, when he directs the patient to clasp the head of a cane, or the arm of a chair; these alternate motions of the muscles cause an increased flow of blood to the veins of the ligated arm.

  • Negotiate(Definition of negotiate)
  • 85 a messenger goes to negotiate a marriage.