Correct spelling for PECEFULL

We think the word pecefull is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for pecefull

  • Piecemeal(Definition of piecemeal)
  • The confederates, during the greater part of the battle, were certainly outnumbered; but at the close they were the stronger, and the piecemeal attacks of the federals neutralised the superiority which the invading army originally possessed.

  • Pitiful(Definition of pitiful)
  • And surely these have their reward, for the attention of the multitude, however pleasant it may be while it lasts, is singularly short-lived, and there is nothing more pitiful to watch than the effort to catch it when it has wandered.

  • Forcefully
  • He picked up a bell and rang it forcefully.

  • Powerful(Definition of powerful)
  • Peaceable(Definition of peaceable)
  • In the very first words he spoke he alluded to the new ministry gazetted that morning, referring pointedly to the strong-handed man who had undertaken the task of reassuring peaceable citizens and making evil-doers tremble.

  • Painfully(Definition of painfully)
  • It would remind me of everything too painfully.

  • Peacefully(Definition of peacefully)
  • She ate peacefully, sitting there in the sun and watching her shining silver, and just as she was finishing there came a knock at the door.

  • Pitfall(Definition of pitfall)
  • Another pitfall about using whole grains is that to be nutritious they must still be fresh enough to sprout vigorously.

  • Painful(Definition of painful)
  • The silence was painful.

  • Playful(Definition of playful)
  • "you mean 'as if' you'd dreamed it, not 'like,'" said genevieve, with a look of playful reproof.

  • Mercifully(Definition of mercifully)
  • If any doubt of this had mercifully remained me, her next words would have served to have resolved it.

  • Forceful(Definition of forceful)
  • You see what it is to be able to write a telling and forceful letter!

  • Peafowl(Definition of peafowl)
  • By the time the stallion was seen, the judges had done their arbitration; and we went to the yard, where broad-backed sheep were resting peaceably in their pens; bulls were led about by the nose; enormous turnips, both swedes and aberdeens, reposed in the mud; little cribs of geese, hens, and peafowl were come to try for the prize; and pigs might be seen-some encumbered with enormous families, others with fat merely.

  • Pitifully(Definition of pitifully)
  • But the love of a lifetime is not dismissed at will, and looking a little pitifully backward, though she was but twenty-eight, ethel felt she could not remember the time when she did not love dudley pritchard, though it had perhaps only crystallised into the great feature of her life at the time when, in silent, heroic endeavour, he had given of all he had to win his friend back to life and health.

  • Purcell
  • Usefully(Definition of usefully)
  • Peaceably
  • "i brought it to save some of my own people from possible death at your hands-to prevent another fight-to see if you hadn't manhood enough after being helped, to go away, when you were able to move, peaceably.

  • Powerfully
  • Playfully
  • And then he thought it would break the ice to say something playfully urbane.

  • Potful
  • Useful(Definition of useful)
  • Merciful(Definition of merciful)
  • The merciful scribe will spare the reader the details incident upon the arrival of the several guests.

  • Peaceful(Definition of peaceful)
  • Her last breath was peaceful; her last words, "give my love to f." i told him of the event the morning after the funeral, from which i returned with his father, in the dusk of the evening, calling for the child to go home and sleep with me, which he always was delighted to do.

  • Percival
  • Percival coolidge explained to me how it worked once.

  • Reposeful
  • Pailful(Definition of pailful)
  • I alone, as i think, of all mankind, remember one particular pailful of water, flavored with the white-pine of which the pail was made, and the brown mug out of which one edmund, a red-faced and curly-haired boy, was averred to have bitten a fragment in his haste to drink; it being then high summer, and little full-blooded boys feeling very warm and porous in the low-"studded" school-room where dame prentiss, dead and gone, ruled over young children, many of whom are old ghosts now, and have known abraham for twenty or thirty years of our mortal time.