Correct spelling for PERSUATIVE

We think the word persuative is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for persuative

  • Festive(Definition of festive)
  • The friends of one's childhood, purple scabious and yellow toad-flax, seemed to nod their heads in welcome; and the hedgerows were festive with garlands of bryony and old man's beard.

  • Persuasive(Definition of persuasive)
  • J. rufus wallingford in his palmiest days was never more persuasive than the literature which now fairly flooded great britain.

  • Perceptive(Definition of perceptive)
  • And generally the perceptive power will vary with the skill of the individual.

  • Restive(Definition of restive)
  • Hurt by the woman's taunts, and possibly shaken in my opinion, i grew restive under his silence, and unwisely gave way to my feelings.

  • Causative(Definition of causative)
  • Now let us suppose that, in order to escape these difficulties, an advocate of the self-determining power should deny that there is any causative act of volition; but that volition is itself an act uncaused by any preceding act. according to this view, what does the self-determining power amount to? it amounts to just this, that the will itself acts,-a position which is as freely recognized by edwards as it could possibly be by the warmest advocate of the self-determining power.

  • Persuade(Definition of persuade)
  • Whatever you may think of me, louisa, i do persuade myself i know something of women.

  • Persuades
  • Panaetius, the philosopher, said, that most of his orations are so written, as if they were to prove this one conclusion, that what is honest and virtuous is for itself only to be chosen; as that of the crown, that against aristocrates, that for the immunities, and the philippics; in all which he persuades his fellow-citizens to pursue not that which seems most pleasant, easy, or profitable; but declares over and over again, that they ought in the first place to prefer that which is just and honorable, before their own safety and preservation.

  • Persuader(Definition of persuader)
  • But for that gentle persuader they must have tossed, unsoothed, the night through; for the whiskey was for me. yes, they would have risen in the morning unfitted for their heavy task.

  • Persuading
  • You have a knack of persuading one to do what you will, even though one be disposed to take no notice of your advice.

  • Putative
  • After having thus endured the ups and downs of fickle fortune, this claimant, in hopes of ingratiating himself with the franks, and at the suggestion of his ally childebert, king of metz, took upon himself the pseudo name of clotaire, thus more distinctly marking his claim to the throne of his putative father clotaire the first.

  • Purgative(Definition of purgative)
  • They and the leaves are purgative and are given in decoction for this purpose, 30-40 grams to 200 of water.

  • Persuaded(Definition of Persuaded)
  • He indeed makes very light of it; but i am persuaded he would do that if he had lost an arm.

  • Perceive(Definition of perceive)
  • But you will perceive, fairfax, i was obliged to inform him of a part of my own views; and that i might fix him i determined to bid high.

  • Positive(Definition of positive)
  • Other lectures on human depravity, positive religion, etc.