Correct spelling for QUEOT

We think the word queot is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for queot

  • Quarto(Definition of quarto)
  • In 1538 we find him printing in quarto lindsay's complaynte and testament of a popinjay, a work that had first appeared in scotland eight years before, and created considerable stir.

  • Quart(Definition of quart)
  • Everywhere quiet, method, order, prompt precision reigned; i even noticed a big, red-fisted artilleryman tying up tall, blue larkspurs, dahlias, and phlox in a trampled garden, and he touched the ragged masses of bloom with a tenderness peculiar to a flower-loving and sentimental people, whose ultimate ambition is a quart of beer, a radish, and a green leaf overhead.

  • Cot(Definition of cot)
  • I have just advised her to have a cot-bed put up, so as to nurse her uncle night and day; though, perhaps, she will have to get a regular nurse."

  • Quoth(Definition of Quoth)
  • Get(Definition of get)
  • Clode will get to know, and then-well, we must take care."

  • Quite(Definition of quite)
  • You are quite as bad as a highwayman.

  • Qt
  • The part forming the pockets is swung on an axis fastened to the lower part, which engages into bearings fastened to the sides of the casing, as shown in fig. 2. stops, a, are placed in the casing at the right places for each pocket to spill when exactly 2 qt. of water has run into it. it is obvious that when one pocket is filled, the weight will tip it over and bring the other one up under the flow of water.

  • Jut(Definition of jut)
  • Here and there, a man faced toward the fire at such an angle that geoffrey could make out the thick arch of an eyebrow, the jut of a cheek, or the crook of a nose.

  • Quit(Definition of quit)
  • "it should be easy, general," he said; "if the mexican miners have quit, all we have to do is to march in and help ourselves."

  • Quiet(Definition of quiet)
  • At "stand to" all was perfectly quiet.

  • Quote(Definition of quote)
  • Got(Definition of Got)
  • "oh, how bad you have got!

  • Quest(Definition of quest)
  • Perhaps through our quest for that undiscoverable truth we shall have accustomed our eyes to pierce the terror of the last hour by looking it full in the face....

  • Quot
  • Jet(Definition of jet)
  • It had now become quite dark, and we were seated round our camp-fire, when we heard low rumbling sounds; and great was our astonishment to see, by the light of the moon, which just then appeared from behind a cloud, a lofty jet of silvery water, rising, as it seemed to us, a hundred feet or more into the air!

  • Gut(Definition of gut)
  • It is a gut girl.

  • Quito(Definition of quito)
  • This done, and after taking the fifths of his majesty he said he was going to cuzco to report to his governor; so he set out for quito, taking a great number of indians, men, and women, all of whom died on the journey and in that place.

  • Quota(Definition of quota)
  • Qed(Definition of qed)
  • "qed" was not intelligible to him, but it sounded very well indeed, he thought.

  • Jot(Definition of jot)
  • Were the dungeon and the scaffold my reward heaven knows that i would not flinch eye or hand or abate a jot of heart and hope in the thankless prosecution of my toils.

  • Quoit(Definition of quoit)
  • Leigh, benjamin watkins, practitioner before m., =4=, 237 n. ; in virginia constitutional convention, 502 n. ; virginia commission to south carolina, 573; tribute to m., 590; and quoit club memorial to m., 592.

  • Que
  • La vanite humaine fait que l'esprit se roidit contra des difficultes.

  • Quirt(Definition of quirt)
  • Lone was heading for the quirt ranch by the most direct route, fearing, perhaps, that if he waited he would lose his nerve and would not go at all.

  • Cut(Definition of cut)
  • Something cut me then!"