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Correct spelling for QUOATION

We think the word quoation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for quoation

  • Auction
  • A woman at auction.

  • Cation
  • For example, all acids have the same cation h^+. they have all identical properties, but they differ widely in the intensity of their action.

  • Causation
  • We shall learn in all things to reach out to first cause as operating through the channels of secondary causation,-"causa causas" as producing, and therefore controlling "causa causata"-and so we cease to worry about secondary causes.

  • Caution
  • Close succeeding this preconcerted signal, the tread of a trooper's boot was heard on the pavement inside, and with a subdued sound that denoted caution.

  • Equation
  • Now let him think, to realize that measuring the balance of the status quo of things in only one relationship of an infinity of possibilities, to realize that he can change his measurements to balance an equation designed to express the status quo, or with equal truth, at his desire, he can change the status quo, the shape of things, to fit the equation he desires.

  • Location
  • It is much cooler at lavonia than at colombo, as the location is more open to the sea breezes, besides being upon an elevation.

  • Motion
  • The clouds were numerous and dark with the shadow of the night; and the swiftness of their motion as they sailed up out of the south-west quarter was illustrated by the leaping of the few bright stars from one dusky edge to another.

  • Nation
  • But i'm booked for the dinner to rowley at the nation club that night.

  • Notion
  • Perhaps the fantastic notion that she was a little black hunchback provided with a steel knife, which she would plunge into katharine's heart, appeared to ralph more probable than another, and he pushed first into the dining-room to avert the blow.

  • Potion
  • Brangeane, the only witness of this scene, views with terror the effect of her subterfuge, for, fearing lest her mistress should injure tristan or herself, she had hastily substituted the love potion intrusted to her care for the poison ysolde had prepared.

  • Question
  • This was rather a question of the renewal of old things than of new acquirements.

  • Quoin
  • "ye're a fule, quoin," he said, again, "and i'm thinking the second's juist as saft."

  • Quotation
  • 136. do not use quotation marks to enclose well-known nicknames, titles of books, proverbial phrases, or to indicate one's own literary invention.

  • Ration
  • He and i felt so famished that we ground up some ration biscuits and made porridge, which we enjoyed.

  • Suction
  • These horns, swirled about in the water, create a sort of suction current, and on that the food fishes are borne into the maw of the gigantic creature.

  • Vocation
  • The years of european war had bred up among new englanders a daring race of privateersmen-their vocation had long been piracy in all but name, a fact which in these later days the maritime nations recognize by trying to abolish privateering by international agreement.

  • Quoting
  • Wherever there is a local journal devoted to health, parents, teachers, educators, and club leaders would do well to subscribe and to hold this journal up to a high standard by quoting, thanking, criticising it.

  • Lotion
  • She said, instead, that her hand was smarting absurdly already, and did arnold suppose the chemist would use a carbolic lotion?

  • Quoiting
  • Amidst due attention to the active prosecution of business, he has long been keenly devoted to the principal national games-curling, angling, bowling, quoiting, and archery-in all of which he has frequently carried off prizes at the various competitions throughout the country.