Correct spelling for READTY

We think the word readty is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for readty

  • Readmit(Definition of readmit)
  • The national transitional council, the partially recognised interim government of libya, sent a representative to be seated at the arab league meeting on 17 august to participate in a discussion as to whether to readmit libya to the organisation.

  • Predate(Definition of predate)
  • While this is sometimes translated today as "a picture is worth a thousand words," this translation does not predate the phrases common use in english.

  • Treaty(Definition of treaty)
  • Ratty(Definition of ratty)
  • The ratty little man turned to him with evident change of front.

  • Ready(Definition of ready)
  • I'm ready and willin'!"

  • Dread(Definition of dread)
  • He talked of henley and his aunt; and he had likewise a dread of paris.

  • React(Definition of react)
  • He printed the notice entire, adding his answer, assuring readers that he was sending copies of the kicker to every newspaper in the east and that notices such as had been affixed to his door would react against the authors.

  • Reedit
  • Reads
  • "i am charged with having eleven husbands, all living in various parts of the united states," reads the statement.

  • Rat(Definition of rat)
  • Most likely it was its mate, or partner, and a fit partner it was, for i noticed as i passed my fingers over it, that this second one was also a rat of very large size.

  • Read(Definition of read)
  • "tobin rangnow," he read.

  • Rad(Definition of rad)
  • Uncle rad ought to go abroad, and i thought i would try to impress this on philip.

  • Readily(Definition of readily)
  • When it is cornish who asks, they give readily enough.

  • Realty(Definition of realty)
  • In 2007, duke realty corporation began a new development near the port of baltimore, named the chesapeake commerce center.

  • Readopt
  • The italian sardinian grenadiers had discarded bearskins in the nineteenth century but were to readopt them for limited ceremonial wear in modern times.

  • Reader(Definition of reader)
  • But doctor gozzi had also a sister, called bettina, who at the age of thirteen was pretty, lively, and a great reader of romances.

  • Reedy(Definition of reedy)
  • Treat(Definition of treat)
  • Redact(Definition of redact)
  • Readout
  • 1 g (100 μt) resolution; the electron beam is electrostatically centered between two anodes while no magnetic field is present; the magnetic field to be detected will then deflect the beam more towards one of the anodes, resulting in an imbalance between the two anode currents e1t - trochotron with a fluorescent-screen readout qk329 - square-law tube for use as a function generator in analog computers.

  • Tread(Definition of tread)
  • Redid
  • Reality(Definition of reality)
  • He wondered vaguely which was the reality and which the dream.

  • Red(Definition of red)
  • Mrs. stellasis asked dr. ruthine suddenly one afternoon in the red sea.

  • Readied
  • A wild cry readied our ears; it was echoed by others in different directions, some coming up the ravine, others sounding, it seemed, overhead.