Correct spelling for REWABLE

We think the word rewable is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for rewable

  • Knowable(Definition of knowable)
  • The psychoanalyst, on the other hand, almost always assumes that the environment is knowable, and if not knowable then at least bearable, to any unclouded intelligence.

  • Rabble(Definition of rabble)
  • Could the man, who had been wellnigh murdered by the rabble of avignon and orgon, hope to march in peace through that royalist province?

  • Readable(Definition of readable)
  • He stood facing his cousin with a close-lipped smile that summarised his opinion and made it readable.

  • Warble(Definition of warble)
  • All was still, only the birds were full of songs and pouring them out on all sides; from every tree and bush came a warble or a twitter or a whistle of ecstasy.

  • Reusable
  • Reusable, low-profile, cryogenic wire seal soft metal seal vacuum compatible seal vacuum compatible seal at cryogenic temperature corner joint seal face joint seal

  • Ramble(Definition of ramble)
  • Dismissing the housekeeper, she put on a shade-hat and went for a ramble in the park.

  • Rumble(Definition of rumble)
  • There was a moment's pause, and then a blinding flash of blue fire lighted up the woods, and a dull rumble, as when gun-powder is lighted in the open followed.

  • Reliable(Definition of reliable)
  • At the beginning of the war the confederates did not believe that their own slaves would turn against them and give aid and comfort to the federals; but the blacks were sharp enough to know who their friends were, and the information they were always ready to give was in most cases found to be reliable.

  • Ruble(Definition of ruble)
  • When the price falls very low, complaints arise that there is no place to send it, since, when the ruble stands high, as it invariably does at the prospect of large crops, the demand from abroad is stopped.

  • Reliably(Definition of reliably)
  • Death valleys furnace creek holds the record for the highest reliably recorded air temperature on earth at 134 °f (56.

  • Renewable(Definition of renewable)
  • Half the lots were offered at l5 sterling each to purchasers or to tenants at a renewable lease of ten shillings per annum, but it was not until about the year 1782 that any effectual measures were taken for the settlement of the grant, the explanation probably being that mr. simonds and his partners were too much engaged in securing their own lands from forfeiture to pay much attention to those of col. kemble.

  • Viable(Definition of viable)
  • The smaller convenience stores typically have very few perishable items because it is not economically viable to rotate perishable items frequently with such a low number of staff.

  • Rouble(Definition of rouble)
  • Between lake baikal and manchuria all food was much dearer, while only american beer could be obtained and that at the exorbitant price of one rouble and a quarter, say half-a-crown, the bottle, which was because of excessive import duty.

  • Writable
  • In the mid nineties, cd-rom writers were still rare, mainly because they, as well as writable cds, were expensive.

  • Wearable(Definition of wearable)
  • A wearable artificial kidney is a wearable dialysis machine that a person with end-stage kidney disease could use daily or even continuously.

  • Redouble(Definition of redouble)
  • Therefore it behooved alene upon this occasion to redouble her efforts to be helpful and cheering.

  • Rebel(Definition of rebel)
  • Jacqueline's eye caught the flutter of the broad banner of the house of arkell that waved over the rebel camp.

  • Rubble(Definition of rubble)
  • He skirted a pile of rubble on his right.

  • Reachable
  • ) to bring anthracite to cities reachable via the delaware river valley, especially philadelphia — the nation's largest and most industrialized city, though no one fully understood how to use anthracite as a sole fuel—just that it 'could' burn 'some of the time with a hot enough base fire, so could augment furnace fuels.