Correct spelling for SHIEK

We think the word shiek is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for shiek

  • Shuck(Definition of shuck)
  • Shirk(Definition of shirk)
  • Come, don't try to shirk; it does a man good to talk of such things, and we're all mates here."

  • Shake(Definition of shake)
  • "yes, i met him in the street; you are going to ask me why i did not ask him where you were," she broke off with a smile and a shake of her head.

  • Schick
  • New line-up, sky eats airplane, touring, and departure of kenny schick and jerry roush (2006–2009) lee duck asked zack ordway, kenny schick, and johno erickson of local metalcore outfit (in theory) to join sky eats airplane.

  • Shier
  • Shaka
  • Shaka nyorai 釋迦如来 /an honorific title of siddhārtha gautama), buddhist temples (jp.

  • Shrek
  • Shied(Definition of Shied)
  • Shirker(Definition of shirker)
  • Shoe(Definition of shoe)
  • Underneath his shoe And it leaves me hungry For a touch I can't feel A touch he won't do

    – Sittin' On The Fence by Unknown Author
  • Shaker(Definition of shaker)
  • A visitor to one of the shaker communities describes the men and women as engaging in the most preposterous play of making-believe; performing upon imaginary instruments as they marched in procession; going through the motions of washing their faces and hands as they surrounded an imaginary fountain; and, finally, plunging bodily into this spiritual fountain, by rolling over on the grass!

  • Check(Definition of check)
  • I wish to learn who sent the check.

  • She(Definition of She)
  • Shriek(Definition of shriek)
  • Hike(Definition of hike)
  • Say, can't you hike down to the boathouse and meet us there?

  • Shook(Definition of shook)
  • I got cold chills when her body shook Hot sex on the platter, no need to cook

    – Baby by LL Cool J
  • Shark(Definition of shark)
  • "i should say it was a shark," said josh quietly, "he lies so quiet at the bottom."

  • Sheikh
  • Had a visit from the sheikh of the slaves.

  • Cheek(Definition of cheek)
  • She did not turn toward him, but as the "judge" began talking she lifted her head and king saw her throat, her cheek.

  • Choke(Definition of choke)
  • Why don't you choke that old grandparent of yours?

  • Shea
  • Shine(Definition of shine)
  • Happiness seemed to shine suddenly in the sound of her speaking voice, as it shone in her singing voice when the theme of her song was joy.

  • Shtick(Definition of shtick)
  • Sheik(Definition of sheik)
  • The wealthy and powerful old sheik, whose friendship had been assiduously sought by the french administration to ensure the co-operation of a tribe that with its far reaching influence might have proved a dangerous element in an unsettled district, shared in his inmost heart the sentiments of his heir, but with a larger and more discriminating wisdom saw the desirability of associating at least one of his family with the government he was obliged, though grudgingly and half contemptuously, to acknowledge.

  • Shies
  • Shakier
  • Shaky(Definition of shaky)
  • "no wonder he acted so shaky," murmured the phantom.

  • Shew(Definition of shew)
  • And there is ground enough to distinguish this from the immediate, and direct train, or course of the main action it self; and to shew what may, and may not, be called an episode.

  • Shire(Definition of shire)
  • The valley of the chess is one of the prettiest districts in the shire.

  • Shrike(Definition of shrike)
  • Shirks
  • Chick(Definition of chick)
  • Treatment: feed young chicks on pratts baby chick food.

  • Shock(Definition of shock)
  • Absorb some of the shock All l the world is unwinding Like some heartless old clock Look to the sky for judgment

    – Poor Bruised World by Judybats
  • Sheiks
  • Shack(Definition of shack)
  • They are there, in that shack.