Correct spelling for STARIGN

We think the word starign is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for starign

  • Staring
  • Greg said, when i had finished, and jerry and i were staring at each other.

  • Soaring
  • A tossing sea of rippling waves of light was presently unfolded, and over it they saw millions of birds, with wings of fire, soaring with bewildering rapidity from horizon to zenith .

  • Steering
  • At midnight, we providentially escaped getting wrecked on the rocks douvre, in steering after the druid.

  • Taring
  • Stirring
  • Thus far the listener had watched without stirring a limb or giving the slightest sign of his presence; but at this sudden termination of the prayer he broke through the thick underbrush, and in a moment had reached the spot whence the singer had taken the fatal plunge.

  • Stain
  • Your father shall see you living the life to which his evidence against my father condemned me-shall see the foul stain of your disaster clinging to you wherever you go.

  • Strain
  • There was no reply, and, turning round, it was to find that he was alone, for claire, unable to bear the strain longer, had glided from the room.

  • Stringy
  • He had never seen anybody so old-she was nearly a hundred, and looked a thousand-and he stared at the old, old, wrinkled, yellow face, the unhuman face, in which the beady black eyes burned with wicked fire; at the nearly bald head, thinly covered with a floating wisp or so of wool-like white hair; at the claw-like, shriveled, yellow hands, the stringy neck, the whole sexless meager wreck of what had been a woman.

  • Starling
  • "what i think is so splendid about his music-" commenced another starling-voice on the further side of the girl.

  • Storing
  • Net mail is the term for storing and delivering mail.

  • Suturing
  • Short type iv clefts extending to within 5 mm below the innominate artery can be repaired through the neck by splitting the trachea vertically in the midline and suturing the back layers of the esophagus and trachea closed.

  • String
  • There is, of course, one jack and one string per key.

  • Searing
  • A shell splinter struck his shoulder, tearing loose the leather garment, while a searing, hot agony seized him, paralyzing his left arm.

  • Starving
  • He frowned as i went forward hat in hand; but i was not to be driven back; the thought of my starving mother gave me power to crush down my rising shame.

  • Starting
  • We had a big dinner, starting with very fine russian caviare.

  • Starring
  • The degree of fissuring is probably affected by the resistance offered by the particular skull, or the special region struck, but as a rule the elasticity and capacity for alteration in shape possessed by the bony capsule, is opposed to the production of the extreme radial starring observed in the long bones or a fixed sheet of glass.