Correct spelling for STEAP

We think the word steap is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for steap

  • Stead(Definition of stead)
  • In 1244 bishop bruere resigned the guardianship of the leper hospital to the corporation, and was given in its stead the mastership of the hospital of st. john.

  • Seep(Definition of seep)
  • Bart stanton liked to walk along those quiet streets of an evening, just to let the placid peacefulness seep into him.

  • Ste
  • However, the king had not forgotten mercier, nor the bibliographical lesson which he had received in the library of ste.

  • Sap(Definition of sap)
  • I know the sap is rising in the trees and the color is getting wonderful and more wonderful every day.

  • Steep(Definition of steep)
  • The slope was too steep.

  • Strap(Definition of strap)
  • There you sit-the reader-in your street car, or perhaps clinging to a strap, and here we sit, impersonal editorial creature, thinking over thankfulness, thanksgiving day, and what reasons we have for feeling thankful.

  • Steal(Definition of steal)
  • When the tomahawks flash here, and the war-cry is loudest, we will steal away.

  • Stamp(Definition of stamp)
  • 30. virginia protests against stamp act, iii.

  • Step(Definition of step)
  • You shan't pass a step!

  • Strep
  • Rapid influenza diagnostic test malaria antigen detection tests rapid strep test rapid urease test

  • Stay(Definition of stay)
  • While we stay here, sue, we ought both to be very careful to do exactly as the shakers do.

  • Steps(Definition of steps)
  • The other quickened his steps.

  • Staph
  • In healthcare settings, intravenous catheters, urinary tract catheters, and surgical procedures are the most common causes of staph aureus bacteremia.

  • Stew(Definition of stew)
  • To these lamentations was joined the spluttering of the butter in the stew pan.

  • Steak(Definition of steak)
  • You cannot guess; he told me, forsooth, that he did not care what he eat; and, for his part, he could make a very good dinner off a beef-steak!

  • Steam(Definition of steam)
  • The horse stopped, and stood, breathing heavily, with great clouds of steam rising from its flanks.

  • Tap(Definition of tap)
  • Celestine's foot began to tap the floor, "you needn't pretend you expected i would follow you.

  • Soap(Definition of soap)
  • "april 4th 92. "my d: with this you will receive the soap.

  • Stael(Definition of stael)
  • In regard to literature, it is not sufficient to point to a long list of celebrated writers, from chateaubriand and de stael to lamartine and george sand, whose works have reflected the characteristic hues of his sentiment and style; or to adduce particular instances of his influence upon writers of higher and more contrasted genius, such as goethe and byron, schiller and richter: what is to be noted, as underlying all such examples and illustrations, is the fact that a literature distinguished from that which had immediately preceded it by earnestness, simplicity and depth, by spontaneous and vivid conceptions and freedom from conventional restraints, had its beginning with him, appealing to emotions and ideas which he was the first to call into renewed and general activity.

  • Stepper(Definition of stepper)
  • She looked dazzling in white satin striped with yellow and was covered with diamonds from waist to hat. the banker, on his part, was handling a tremendous whip and sending along his two horses, which were harnessed tandemwise, the leader being a little warm-colored chestnut with a mouselike trot, the shaft horse a big brown bay, a stepper, with a fine action.

  • Seat(Definition of seat)
  • The triumph was, the seat could be sat upon without risk.

    I'm in the tub, you're on the seat Lick your lips while I soak my feet

    – You Know I'm No Good by arctic monkeys
  • Stop(Definition of stop)
  • We might stop at the vicarage on the way back.

  • Setup(Definition of setup)
  • If so, when the brain energy was launched toward earth, they might try to divert it to their own receiving setup!

  • Stoup(Definition of stoup)
  • "your honor canna think of riding on to-night," urged boniface; "and if a crail-capon done just to perfection, and a stoup of the best wine, at least siccan wine as we get by the east seas, since that vile incorporating union-"

  • Steeper(Definition of steeper)
  • Now although this teocalli was not quite so lofty as that of the great temple of mexico, its sides were steeper and everywhere faced with dressed stone, and the open space upon its summit was almost as great, measuring indeed more than a hundred paces every way.

  • Satrap(Definition of satrap)
  • Ruler, n. governor, sovereign, monarch, president, king, potentate, dynast, lord, satrap, rajah, emir, caliph, burgrave, procurator, pharaoh, interregent, despot, regent, dominator, arbiter, viceroy, vicegerent, autocrat, oligarch, liege lord, protector, kaiser, czar, dey, doge, mogul, pasha, bey, tetrarch, khedive, sultan, emperor.

  • Star(Definition of star)
  • Most holy feelings in his bosom glowed as he gazed on the glittering evening star.

  • Sta
  • Close to this, in the chapel dedicated to the patroness of domestic servants, sta zita, is a good example of giovanni della robbia's work.

  • Stoop(Definition of stoop)
  • No, the daughters of the hohenzollerns must not stoop for happiness; i cannot change it.

  • Steppe(Definition of steppe)
  • Round about the town stretched the grey-green steppe, freshened by the river-side, but burned down to the suffering earth itself on the horizon.